Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July with Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me

Welcome to Christmas in July! A fun Series to get us all inspired for my favorite holiday!
It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!  
Today we are with Kimberly from bugaboo, mini, mr & me

Well FF&J readers, I'm pretty ecstatic to be here!  My name's Kimberly and I put the "me" in " bugaboo, mini, mr & me."  I'm a wannabe budding actress (AKA a theatre major) turned SAHM for my two kiddos who is in love with the creative process.  Over on my blog you'll find kid's crafts, mod podging, hot gluing, painting, scrapping, photographing, cooking, baking, and tales about bug and mini.  

Today, I'd love to share my love of door decor with you - specifically WREATHS.  I became a touch obsessed with wreaths when I discovered I could make them out of just about anything for pretty darn cheap!  When you're trying to build up your holiday decor from scratch, those are two of the most necessary requirements, am I right?

So my husband calls me the wreath lady now.  So this conjures up images of 80 year old women at the church bazaar sticking fake flowers into straw and gossiping.  So what?  I'll prove wreaths can be cool and fresh with my Crazy Cane Wreath!

Shall we begin?

You've got to have:
wreath form (got mine at a thrift store for 25 cents)
Teeny tiny battery operated LED Christmas lights
Red duct tape
Candy cane garland (I used three) OR as many small real or fake candy canes as you will need to cover the front and sides
hot glue (or E6000)

Cover your wreath form with duct tape.  You don’t have to use duct tape.  You could use ribbon or fabric, or just spray paint it.  I chose duct tape because it will be durable in the elements.  ALSO, I wanted to keep it simple since the canes were going to be so crazy.  I would have just sprayed it (Banner Red, Krylon.  LOVE) but as stated before, it is past spray paint season here.

Now, you will duct tape your LED lights’ battery pack to the back of the wreath form.  Take the cover off the battery pack.  You want to make sure that you can easily remove the cover to change the batteries if necessary, so I just left the cover off through the process to remind myself.  

You’ll position it on the back of the wreath, like so

then turn the whole thing over, so the wreath is on top of it.

 Now, cut a strip of duct tape and wind it around, starting at the bottom of the battery pack, going over the front of the wreath and ending at the top edge of the battery pack.  Again, don’t cover the part where the batteries go in.

Repeat as necessary for security.

Now wind the lights around the wreath.  You’ll have to be careful as you wind around the part of the wreath where the battery pack is, because you can’t wind around the battery pack itself.

Secure the end of the lights in some fashion: like duct tape them to the back or something.

Now, detach all of the candy canes from the beaded garland.  I used a scissors at first, but then realized I could just pull them off, 

and you have two piles.

Now, you can skip this next part if you aren’t using the garland form of the candy canes.

Take two of the beaded garlands and wrap them around the wreath.  You’ll save the third one for later.  Again, be careful around that battery pack.

Now, the fun part!  Start hot gluing your candy canes onto the wreath form. 

Glue them on randomly at all different angles.  Overlap them.  Intertwine them.  Go crazy!  Cover the front, outside and inside of the wreath as much as you can.

When you are finished, take your remaining beaded garland and weave it around, in and out of the candy canes, all around the wreath.  

Secure it with hot glue.

And you’re finished!

Hang and light!  Very festive!

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Hope to see you soon!



Kristy said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to go check out your other wreath ideas now. I love the lucky noodle one!

Blissful & Domestic said...

I love this one:>

Michelle L. said...

Crazy and I love it! the red duct tape makes a great bold background.

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