Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painted Floor Covering (Tutorial!)

The carpet on my porch needed help... lots and lots of help!   It is partly my own fault... I picked the white carpet for my porch (you know the place where people will come in from the outside with dirty shoes)... But it is not ALL my fault.  I had a my carpet steam cleaned (by a "professional") and instead of getting all nice and white... they just sucked the dirt to the top for all to see.  Not good... not good at all!
So I made a floor covering inspired by the plywood rug from Sugar Bee Crafts
Pretty nasty before pictures!  I am almost embarrassed to post these... but this is real life!
See all the dirt sucked to the top... really pretty, huh?!

Here is how I made my Painted Floor covering

Two 1/4 inch Masonite boards (I got mine free from my dad who is a contractor!  But, he says they are less then $10 at home depot and the like)
Craft Paint (I used DecoArt's Dessert Sand, Raw Ember, and Bahama Blue)
Stencil (mine is from Cutting Edge)
Paint brushes (not pictured)
Painter's tape (not pictured)

1. Tape your stencil in place with painter's tape.

2. Use a sponge brush and dab (up and down motion) the paint over the stencil.

Repeat, repeat, repeat all the way down the board.

3. Wash off your stencil, change paint color, and repeat step 2 all the way down the board

4.  Repeat Step 3 with the third paint color... this time space your flowers out a little bit more.

5. Paint on 2 coats of Polyurethane (I waited 12 hours between coats)

6. Be crazy and paint and seal another board. 
Place over your nasty, dirty carpet and be happy!! 

My 3 year old walked in to the porch the next morning and gasp (with delight) and said "Oh, mommy, it is so beautiful!" 
I couldn't agree more!
I just had to buy the craft paint for this project so it only cost me $2.50!
I'm loving it! (yes- I said that to the McD's jingle)

Edited to answer some questions:
1. Does it have much of an edge? 
     It is 1/4 inch thick, so no, there is not much of an edge... not anymore then a rug would have.  It is pretty thin.  I have a 3 year old and a 1 year (who walks) and they have not tripped on it. 

2. What is the durability?
   I have had this up for a little over a week and it is great.   I cannot give much more info then that.  I will try to keep you posted! : )

3. Do your chairs scrape?
   I have plastic sliders on the bottom of my chairs so they slide smoothly (like you would want to have on hardwood floors)  But without the sliders the chairs do scrape.  The sliders were $0.99 per chair at Home Depot.  The poly does help so you could always put another couple of coats on it if you are worried about it.  But it will seems to scrape much like hardwood floor would. 

4. Is it smooth on the bottom?  Should I put something under it?
   It is not smooth on the bottom (there is a little pattern to it like paneling would have).  If you are going to put it one hardwood or laminate I would suggest using a none-skid "rug" under it (Like you would with a regular rug).  That would help it stay in place too!   We don't have anything under ours since it is over carpet. 

5. Can you paint it first?
   Yes!  It would be really pretty white, I think.  I liked the natural color of the Masonite so I did not paint it first.  But it is paintable so go crazy with the color! :)  

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Miya said...

What a transformation! Such a beatiful design.

Mandy Beyeler said...

great job!!

laxsupermom said...

Wow! It looks amazing! Great job! I've never considered making a rug from masonite. Thanks for sharing.

Jenna said...

Love the idea and the design. I need something for under my kitchen table. Is the underside smooth or would I have to put something under it? (I have laminate hard wood floors) Also do you paint the whole thing first or just paint on the exposed wood? Wondering if I could paint it white or something before I paint a design. Thanks!

Bambi said...

I'm loving it, too :) ba da ba da da

Julie said...

It's absolutely beautiful, but I have a few questions...does it leave much of a an edge, like something you would trip over? I'm a super klutz and tend to trip over anything that has a noticeable gap above the floor (or stub my toes pretty bad)...would love to hear how it holds up too in durability...As well, don't your chairs scrape it at all or is the poly stuff that much of a protectant?

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Wow, this looks so fun. I'd love to give it a try!

Warmly, MIchelle

Beth said...

I'm loving it too!

Amanda said...

I adore your design. The little dandelions are adorable. Come link up sometime at I Made It! Monday.

Belinda said...

This is the answer to a lot of folks prayers, but I too would like the answers to the questions posted. The ones about the edging and the durability.

Hanna said...

Wow - that is great!!! Funny b/c that print is very, very close to the hard place mats I have on our b'fast table! LOL

I have another question for you. It looks like your porch is enclosed...I would like to make something like this to replace the indoor/outdoor rug I have on our back porch. Would this withstand the weather if I put it on our outdoor patio??

Michelle L. said...

Fawnda, this is stunning! I am so in love with your design and colors...I am SO happy your professional rug cleaners screwed up!

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