Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Christmas in July Tutorials needed!

I am creating a fun series this summer for Christmas in July!

  It is never too early to be thinking about Christmas... especially if you want to MAKE your gifts this year! The series will run from July 25th - 29th (or longer if we have LOTS of people who what to participate!)

I am looking for bloggers to feature their Christmas Tutorials on F&J! I am looking for tutorials on Decorating, gift ideas, gift wrap, recipes, ornaments.... anything that has to do with Christmas! E-mail me at firefliesandjellybeans@gmail.com if you are interesting in being a guest poster for this fun series!
I am also going to have Christmas Shoppes at F&J! I want to feature your shop of homemade goods for people to buy their Christmas gifts early! It is never too early to start Christmas shopping! I will open it on Friday morning July 29th and have it open all weekend and through Monday night Aug. 1st.   

Your spot will look similar to this:
Shoppe: Funky Joy
Sells: Reusable snack bags, reusable trash bags, marker rolls, fancy towels and more!
Discount: {Add your discount here} 
Cost is $5
*** All shoppes must be family friendly and approved by me first!***
E-mail me at firefliesandjellybeans@gmail.com to get started on the EXCITING opportunity for your shoppe! 

I really hope you join in the fun! :)


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