Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nature Treasure Hunt with the kids!!

We are so excited to play outside every chance we get! We had a LONG snowy. cold winter and spring took it time to finally come around this year! So, when it gets nice we head outdoors as fast as we can!

There is an awesome trail by my parents house that leads to a nature centers and a dam. The kids and I took a little adventure walk on the trail. To make it more interesting I decided to collect "treasures" with my 3-year-old. He loves to pick up and collect things.

I got the idea to use the egg carton from I am Mama- Hear me Roar! But, I used it a bit different then she did (Although her activity is awesome too!)

We loaded up the stroller (I LOVE my Joovy Caboose Sit-n-Stand !) with water, snacks, and an egg carton and we on our way!

We walked on the path and when ever my little man found a "treasure" (or something that he thought was pretty cool) we picked it up and put in in our Treasure Box (the egg carton).  

I let him pick up pretty much anything that he thought was a "treasure"... but I did draw the line a cigarette butts and out right nasty garbage!

It was so fun walking and collecting all of our little treasures!

We had fun at the nature center too! 
They had all kinds of things for the kids to climb and play on!  

I hope you are having fun outside too!

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1 comment :

jamie w said...

this looks so fun. my daughter is almost two and loves to pick things up. i think we need to head somewhere where she can actually do this instead of the side walk :/

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