Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to US!!

Many of you probably don't know this about Jeannine and I, but our birthdays are one day apart... Yesterday was Jeannine's b-day (yep on Easter!) and mine is today! We are almost exactly the same age (I am one day younger... that is important!)  We had a blast celebrating our birthdays together growing up!  And now that we are grown and live in different states we still love to celebrate over the phone! : )

We are {mumble mumble cough cough} years old!   What?  you didn't hear that right?!  You may want to get your hearing checked because I said that we were {cough cough mumble mumble} years old! :)


laxsupermom said...

Happy Birthday to you both! How fun to have been able to share in the celebration while you were growing up. I'll be celebrating the {mumble mumble cough cough} anniversary of my 29th birthday next month. ;)

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Happy Birthday to you both! Hope it's a great day!

Dragonfliez Made said...

Well Happy Happy Birthday!
My Best friend and I were born 5 hours apart and we are like night and day.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!

Screaming Sardine said...

Happy Birthday to you both!! I hope you both had very special days!!

Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

Ami Allison said...

Happy Birthday to you both! :)

The mum of all trades said...

happy birthday to you!

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