Saturday, February 12, 2011


Did you know that Set = 3 in Korean?  
 3 = set/셋 (seht)(terminal"t" is almost silent)

Why is this important?  Because my son turned 3 this week!  {And he happens to be adopted from Korea!} 

On a technical side, if he was in Korea he would be 4 {4 = net/넷 (neh) nett (terminal"t" is almost silent)} because in Korean children start at 1 when they are born... but here in the US he is still just 3! : )

We went to the Mall Of America as a family and visited Underwater World, LegoLand and Nickelodeon Universe (the indoor theme park). The MOA is a great place to go in the middle of winter... it is so bright and open it feels like you are outside but, without the cold!

We have done this MOA trip for our son's birthday since he was 1!  It is fun to see how our son's interest in it has changed now that he is older!  He was so excited about everything. 

"Mommy- I cannot believe it!  It is so exciting!"

This little girl had fun at her first trip to the mall... she was eyeing the American Doll store... Hmmmmm, we may have to visit that in a couple of years!

Here we are hanging with the fishes! 

Our son loved the sharks... which he called whales. 

But his favorite part was the play park at the end. 
 He spent more time playing here then looking at the fish!
His sister had fun too!  

Here is a Birdseye view of the play area at LegoLand!  
Build on Little Man!  

Now I am calling preschools to find him a spot for next year!  Time really does fly!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday! what beautiful kids you have!!!!
I wonder if that's why the game set is called that... its a game of threes.....

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Looks like fun! Happy Birthday! I didn't know your kids were adopted. Our oldest two are adopted, although from the US.

Bethany said...

You have such a beautiful family! I love the look of absolute joy on their faces while they're playing :)

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a fun day. Your kids are so cute.

laxsupermom said...

What a fun birthday trip! Your kids are adorable! Great pics! It looks like they had a blast. Thanks for sharing.

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