Friday, February 18, 2011

Featured Friday: Joon from the Adventures of Ordy and Joon!

Hello Fireflies and Jellybeans readers! I can't wait to share this easy craft with you guys! My name is Joon and you can find my blog: The Adventures of Ordy and Joon!

To sum me (and the gist of my blog in a nutshell): I am a 20-something year old with a busy schedule and a love for crafts! I'm a full time law student, obsessed with my mutt, in love with my boyfriend (Ordy Boy) and I am addicting to crafts and home decorating! My blog is an assortment of all things crafty/decorative/thrifty!

I love this particular craft because it is SO SIMPLE and so versatile! You can find the craft step by step here:

You can do this craft for ANY holiday just by swapping out the candy! (Candy Corn for halloween, jelly beans for Easter, etc...) Let's begin!

And all you need is:
Conversation Hearts
A Vase
A SMALLER vase that fits in the larger one
with enough space (half an inch) to create a wall
of hearts- Preferably the same height as the outer
    THAT'S IT! Oh, and amazing flowers your love picks
    you up :)

    I originally used the vase you see above in the picture
    because I broke my OTHER vase I usually use and really had
    a bee in my bonnet to just GET THIS THING STARTED...but...I
    decided the shape of the bottom of the red vase rounded too
    much (meaning more hearts being used as filler...) So, I
    was resourceful, just like YOU can be!
    Yep, I used a candle that was on it's last limb. The
    straight down shape worked PERFECTLY. and it was the
    perfect height.

    The flowers in the candle jar :)

    (Filling the small vase with water first is pretty
    important, because if you did what I did before the
    tutorial pics, you will spill water all over your hearts
    while filling the smaller vase at the end. and you will get
    soggy hearts. Like this:
    upper right: soaking. sad. words 'melted' off

    Side Note: I tried to put all the sassy negative hearts facing the inside. I didn't want to see "YOU WISH!" on my hearts :) I like all the "CALL ME" ones showing!

    I'd love to see a picture if you try this! It is SO ridiculously easy! AND AWESOME!

    I would love for you to stop by The Adventures of Ordy and Joon and say "Hi!"

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    Melanie said...

    I absolutely LOVE this. How easy and cute! Gotta do it next year. I'm adding this to my browser favorites :)

    Anonymous said...

    Lovely idea. This can be used to just for valatines day but for other events as well. Okay, off to check out your other site

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