Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Fluff Skirt From Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition

Hello Fireflies and Jellybeans readers!!  I'm excited to be here.  I am Mandy from over on Sugar Bee Craft Edition.  The obligatory clickable button insert:
I am lucky to stay home with my four kids and enjoy all the fun that comes with it.  I also (obviously!) love crafts and creating.  Here's a picture of the whole gang from Halloween:

Today I am going to share a fun sewing craft for Valentine's Day (or really, any day - it's that cute!)  I call it the Pink Fluff skirt.  I tend to ramble, so below is the brief version - for a full tutorial, all the rambling and more pictures included, visit it on my blog: Pink Fluff Skirt Tutorial.  Here we go - -

A quick synapsis of the tutorial:
--Use satin to make the base, or underneath part, of the skirt. I found a perfect tutorial over on Chica and Jo : the best part - their link to a tiered skirt calculator - how cool is that!? You just type in a waist and length measurement along with how many tiers you want, and voila, it does all the math for you. I'm still amazed!! I went with 3 tiers.
 -- Don't complete the skirt by adding elastic and sewing the sides together - leave it flat to add the tulle (you don't have to, but it's easier this way).
--Gather strips of tulle. Mine are double-layered but if I had more tulle (you'll need more than you think - trust me!) I would have gone for a triple layer.  You can stack your strips and gather the stack. Then lay out your strips onto to skirt to make sure you have enough and to determine your "look". I made one stripes and one gradiated.
--Sew the gathered tulle onto the skirt where you placed it.  Then pull out your gather stitch.
--Slip elastic in the casing of the skirt (you followed the directions on the link and made a place to put the elastic, right?) and pin it on each edge. Then with right sides together just sew up the side seams. Cute, right?? --Total cost, about $2.75.
My models - they LOVE their Pink Fluff skirt!!

Remember, a longer-winded tutorial can be found HERE.

Also, I had scraps and made some skirts for my girls' dolls - check them out HERE, Pink Fluff for Dolls.

A little more about me.....
 I've been blogging on my craft blog for about a year and half now, and it just keeps growing.  I feel that if I can do something, you can too, so a lot of my posts are tutorials.  I do a lot more than crafts (although plently of those!) - - I especially love easy sewing projects, like this Shirred Pillowcase Dress.
I love making glass tile pendants and made some with pictures and even clipart using the school mascot (perfect gifts for grandmas and teachers!)

I love to feature favorite recipes of mine, like my go-to treat whenever it's potluck: Furnkies!

I also dabble in photography and photoshop elements tips - I'm not an expert, but I like to share what I know, like how to get that "blurry background" look from your pictures.

And I did a whole redo of our basement and created a great Playroom all centered around the wall tree that turned out perfect - I LOVE it all!!
Also, I have a link party on Tuesdays called Take-A-Look Tuesday - - where YOU can link up what you've been working on - I love checking out all the fun ideas and projects.

I hope you'll swing by and see me in my part of the blog world. Thanks for having me!

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