Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas cards and Shutterfly

I LOVE Christmas cards. 

I love how my mail box has good mail in it (not just junk and bills) between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love to hang them up on my wall to look at all season long.  My personal favorites are the ones with the pictures.  I love to see how the families grow and change.  I keep the pictures up on my fridge all year long.  

Shutterfly has made it so easy to create a BEAUTIFUL photo Christmas card to send to your family and friends.   

Or maybe, you are like me, and are a little bit behind and want to send a New Years card.
Shutterfly makes it look like you totally planned it that way!

Since we are expecting a daughter soon... I checked out the baby announcements.

I also love to give  photo calender gifts to the grandparents... they love it too!

 Shutterfly is pretty awesome! 
 I bet you will think so too, when you see this chance to get 50 FREE Shutterfly cards HERE!



Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Love shutterfly! I was able to get photo cards thru them too! :)

Hey Fawnda, I was the winner of the Silhouette giveaway and I havent heard or received anything from Silhouette yet. Should I be worried? I did send you my mailing info, so please let me know if you got that. It was a couple weeks ago.

Super excited for the prize!
Thanks for checking into it for me :)

Kara @

Anonymous said...

I love Shutterfly, they have so many great items that make VERY memorable gifts. Thank you for sharing about the FREE Shutterfly cards! :)

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