Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ribbon Trees

It is time to start getting ready for Christmas! In our house we decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving... and that is this weekend!
Here are some cute trees that will add some whimsy to your decor!

Here is what you will need:
Cone (found at a craft store)
3 kinds of ribbon
Straight pins OR Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut your ribbons to 4 inch lengths.

2. fold your ribbon in half and attach it to the bottom of your cone.  You can with pin it on or use hot glue.  I found that hot glue was faster for me. and the ribbons stayed in place better too.

Here is how I Hot glued it:
I put a blob of glue on the foam cone, then placed the unfolded ribbon on it so that the back side was facing up.  then I put a blob of glue on the ribbon and fold it it up. 
Continue adding layers of ribbon until you get to the top of the tree.

3. Finish off the top. 
Put a line of hot glue from the top of the cone and done to the next row of ribbons. 
Place your ribbon on the glue wrong side face up
put another line of glue on the ribbon and fold in half. 

4. Finish off the top.  I add a loop with an extra piece of ribbon.
These trees are so fun because you can pick the colors to match your house! 

When do you decorate for Christmas at your house? 


Unknown said...

those are adorable. I could probably get my kids in on this one. Now if I can just get to the craft store...

Anonymous said...

adorable! love these and I love decorating for Christmas!

Kat said...

What a great idea! I think I'll be adding these to my holiday decor this year :) Thanks for sharing!

Kaci * Little Piles Everywhere said...

Super cute. I can totally see my 12 year old taking on this craft! I think I saw cones similar to that at the Dollar Tree.

Anonymous said...

love the blog! i added your linky button to the bottom of my blog!


Unknown said...

I just saw these at the craft fair I was at last week. I thought they were adorable! Thanks for the tutorial.

Melissa said...

These are seriously cute. I've never made them but maybe I ought to give it a try sometime.

Melissa said...

I linked to these.


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