Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Blog and GIVEAWAY

***This Giveaway is Closed!***

Hello, wonderful F&J readers!  This is Jeannine, the "Jellybean" of Fireflies and Jellybeans.  Though you don't get to see too much of me, I am here in the background.  Fawnda and I talk almost every week, tossing around ideas for this blog, as well as keeping up on each others' lives.  We've been best friends since junior high, and it's been so fun sharing this blog.

Aside from F&J, I also have a couple other blogs.  One is my family blog, where I post pictures of my kids and family activities, mostly for the benefit of the grandparents. 
My other blog is my photography blog.  Ever since I was seven years old I have been taking pictures of anything and everything.  I am fascinated by the tiny, often unnoticed details of daily life.  I love how, though time flies faster every year, we can capture those moments with a camera.  So often, photographs bring up emotions associated with memories, or things we love.  I love to capture those memories, and those moments.

No two sunrises are the same, no two flowers are exactly alike.  Those things last only a few moments, or if we're lucky, a few days or weeks.  Our children grow up so fast, and we can never have those moments back.  I love that I can use my camera to make those things last forever for me.
I am now offering my photographs for purchase, directly from my blog Creation Held Captive.  My favorite way to sell photos is as note cards (I'm also a very practical person, and love to see things have a purpose).

As kind of a Grand Opening celebration, I am giving away a set of 8 note cards ($20 value).  All you have to do to enter is become a follower of CHC, send me a comment (here on F&J) saying that you're a follower, and telling me which photo is your favorite.

Over the next couple weeks, I'll be posting a whole bunch of my faves for you to look through, and at the end of the contest you'll be able to choose which photo you want to see on your note cards!
This giveaway will end on Monday Oct 11th!  we will announce the winner on Tuesday Oct. 12th!  For US residents only!


Erika said...

I am now a follower! Great pics. Love a day at the park. AWESOME!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photography! I'm so envious of your great talent! I loved the buffalos at Yellowstone. I could almost feel the chill in the air and the quiet at that time of morning. Love!!
Excited to be one of your first followers!

Calandreya said...

I'm a follower now, as well as here. I looked at all your photos and I really have a hard time choosing one favorite. I think I'd be happy with almost any of them. With the holidays coming up, it would be neat to use your cards for that purpose, so how about the picture of the Christmas tree through the paned window. I think that's the second photo of your lights series. However, I'd be happy with any of your flowers, pumpkins, or scenic shots, too - especially the road going into the forest. That would work so well with Frost's poem.

Thanks for having such a wonderful giveaway. My email is petiroja at gmail dot com if I am lucky. :)

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I'm a follower now, and I love the mountain sunrise number 2!

Ginny said...

Following & fav photo is a Day at the park

nightowl said...

I'm a follower now and I like the Mountain Sunrise 2
winit6 at hotmail dot com

The Angry Jackalope said...

I love your pics! I grew up in the Rocky Mountains and your work takes me right back there! My favorite are the orange flowers. I'm following you with GFC. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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