Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did someone say FREE?!?!

Why YES we did! Have you seen this AMAZING offer from
 Canvas People ???
They are offering a FREE (that's right FREE) 8X10 canvas to you! Awesome! You can also upgrade to a bigger canvas and then you get $55 off!

I am getting my canvas any day now! of course I upgraded to an 11X14... bigger is better! and it only costs 9.99 more!  :) I cannot wait to get it!

Here is where I got some of my inspiration:

Wouldn't this make an wonderful Christmas gift for grandparents? 
Or maybe you want it as a keep sake for yourself!
  Either way you HAVE to get in on this deal!

Run! Don't walk to get this incredible deal from
 Canvas People!

1 comment :

stephaniegiese said...

Yes! It's an awesome deal! I edited my photos in Pinic then I ordered 4! One for us, one as a housewarming gift for friends, one for grandparents, and one for my sister's birthday.
Tip: You can take pictures off of someone else's facebook page and edit the size in Picnik to make it larger and then you can surprise them with a canvas of their own picture. I did that for friends who are building a new house. I took the picture of them in their hard hats and turned everything black and white and into a pencil sketch except for the hard hats, they stayed pink. I'm sooo excited to get them delivered!!:)

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