Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas Shoppes @ Fireflies and Jellybeans

I am so excited to announce the Christmas Shoppes @ Fireflies and Jellybeans!

The Holiday season is almost upon us!  And we all love to get deals and buy homemade! 

Christmas Shoppes @ Fireflies and Jellybeans is about helping buyers and sellers.

For Buyers:
A one stop place to shop ALL thing homemade! All from the comfort of your home!

For Sellers
 I am offering to showcase your handmade shoppe for the week of  Nov 26th (black Friday) through Dec 2nd.  You will get a chance to tell a little bit about your shoppe, showcase 2 items, and you also have the option of having a discount for F&J readers (We all love a good deal!)

Your spot will look similar to this:
Shoppe: Funky Joy
Sells: Reusable snack bags, reusable trash bags, marker rolls, fancy towels and more!
Discount: Free Shipping to US customers until Christmas!

Cost is $5 (F&J sponsors get a spot for FREE!)
*** All shoppes must be family friendly and approved by me first!***
E-mail me at to get started on the EXCITING opportunity for your shoppe! 

I am so excited about this!

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