Friday, September 17, 2010

Featured Friday: Not Just a House Wife AND The Birthday Blog

I am so excited to introduce you to Stacy! Stacy is pretty amazing! She has 2 wonderful blogs that she runs... not just one like me! And BOTH blogs truly are worth reading and following!

Not Just a House Wife is a blog about the wonders of being a mom, wife, women, and friend! She shares recipes, crafts, cupcakes (yes they get their own category... that is how good they are!) and tips on being a mom!

here are some of my favorite posts:

Monster Squash... a cute twist on not carving a pumpkin!

Holy Cute Spider!  And it is edible! 

Speaking of not carving pumpkins... she scratched the image to give the pumpkin a scar while it was growing... she even did words... it is too cool! 

Tape city... one word- Genius!  My son would love something like this!

The Birthday Blog is all about Partying! She shares several fun party themes and THE. CAKES. ARE. AMAZING! She shows you how to make them too!  Awesome!

Find out how to make this dragon cake!

Find out how to make this cute Tea Pot cake!

Find out how to make this camp fire cake!

This sleep over cake is my favorite!

There is so much more to discover over at these 2 blogs!  Be sure to check out
 for more ideas and inspiration!


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Kindra-At Home With K said...

Thanks for sharing the blogs! Looks like some fun activities for the kids! Love the monster squash and the tape tracks!

Jenny said...

Those are awesome posts! Too cute.

Jenn said...

Cool stuff. I especially love the tea pot cake. Will have to give that a try! I'd love to share my Pancakes and Pajamas party with you :-)

Lolly Jane said...

so cute! those spiders are adorable.

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