Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some things I am loving Saturday!

I use my first official pattern to make clothes! It is this Hoodie Shirt from Lil Blue Boo. I LOVED it. It is very easy to follow and it is addicting. I have already made 2 shirts with it! The pattern shows you how to recycle your t-shirts so now, my hubby is a little concerned about what will happen to some of his favorite T's while he is at work (With good reason!)
{I bought this pattern and did not get any compensation for saying this}

I am also loving Etsy's new layout! It is bigger and better and easier to get around!

I am also excited about the fact that the new blogger editor now has SPELL CHECK! FINALLY! For awhile I would have to go back and forth between the old and new editors  because I like the pictures in the new editor and the spell check in the old, but not anymore!

What are you loving this week?



Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

Your little guy is so cute... those sweatshirts look they were created just for him (probably because they were?)! :-)


Anonymous said...

Love how your shirts turned out! What a cutie!

I am Loving that school is finally starting on Monday! Woot! Woot!

Have a great weekend!

Jami said...

Those are cute shirts on a super cute model!

Anonymous said...

Love the shirts! I am loving too much stuff this week to even begin naming. haha, right now I would love some sleep!

Maritez Gonzales said...

CUTE! I've never used a pattern before, so I am a bit jealous ;)

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