Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scribble Flower T-Shirt {Tutorial!!}

This scribble flower shirt is so fun and easy to make! It is bright, happy and summery!

I used Simply Spray again for this project. It is a fabric paint that come in a spray can. It is so MUCH fun. You can order it online HERE or buy it from a major craft store like: Joann or Micheal's {I have seen it at both of these stores}
Here is what you will need:
White T-Shirt
Fabric marker
Paper bags or card stock
1. Place your paper bags or card stock between the two layers of you shirt (to prevent bleed through to the other side) and Use the Simply Spray to spray your flowers. I started out really close to the shirt and moved it away once I started spraying. I practiced on the drop cloth before I did it on the shirt to make sure it was the way I wanted.

2. Spray different color flowers on the shirt is random spots.

Don't worry if you drip a little (like I did) you can always make it into another flower!Wait for the front of the shirt to dry and then spray your flower on the back side.

3. Once the paint has dried, use your fabric marker to make your scribble flowers. I practice a few different flowers on a piece of paper before doing them on the shirt. If you need inspiration you can Google "scribble flower images" or "doodle flower images" for ideas!

Here are some more flowers...

...and a butterfly...

...more flowers...

Here is the front of the finished T-shirt!

And this is the back!

Now, go and sit in the garden and blend in with the other flowers!

I was supplied with Simply Spray to complete this project.

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Melissa said...

Fun. Another t-shirt idea for the girls!! :)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

too cute! great tute. thanks for sharing!

Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block said...

Oh how cute! That turned out just adorable - I will definitely have to give it a try! :)

the thrifty ba said...

i might have to hit michaels today...turned out great!

Samantha said...

Very original.

Life in Rehab said...

I sooooooo need to get my hands on a couple cans of that.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love the whimsical look of this! Great job :)

Suzanne said...

Love those happy, bright colors and the whimsical flowers!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I saw this paint the other day, and thought about getting some but passed it up. Now I'm kicking myself. So cute. Love love LOVE that liitle butterfly detail you did!

malia said...

this is very cool... i've never heard of simply spray before-- looks like a great product!

McKell said...

this is such a fun shirt! i've seen another tutorial on this, but yours looks way cuter & easier!! saving in my "to do" list!

come check out my blog if you'd like :)

Fresh Poppy Design said...

Cute project! love the shirt. I am following you know, will you visit my site?

Bec said...

I LOVE it :)Such a cool idea for a fun shirt.


Braley Mama said...

beautiful! very creative and cute too!

Its A Blog Party said...

Absolutely beautiful! Such a great idea!
Thanks for linking up!

Sagar said...

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Ilana said...

thats really cute AND really easy, altho i might do less colors for cost sake :)

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