Monday, July 19, 2010

Rock and Roll Little Boy T-Shirt!

My 2 year old son LOVES music. He will dance to just about anything. When he sees a note he will yell "Wook (look) Mama... it is MUSIC!!" So, I HAD to make him his very own rock and roll shirt!

I used Simply Spray. It is a fabric paint that come in a spray can. It is so MUCH fun. You can order it online HERE or buy it from a major craft store like: Joann or Micheal's {I have seen it at both of these stores}

This t-shirt is very easy and will take you very little time to complete!

Simply Spray {I used 3 colors: Brite Orange, Bright Yellow and Chestnut Brown}
White T-shirt
Stencil {I made my own with card stock}
Paper bag or extra card stock
Blue painter's tape (Not pictured)

1. Cut your paper bag part so that it will fit inside of your t-shirt. This is so that the paint will not run through to the back.

2. Now you want to tape the other parts of the bag or extra card stock to the stencil. Your want to make sure that the WHOLE t-shirt will be covered. You will want to use tape... I did not use it for the first project I made and the spray paint got through the cracks. I spray painted outside so I used rocks to keep the stencil in place.

3. Practice your blending technique on some extra fabric, drop cloth or paper towel. I sprayed the yellow first, then the orange overlapping the yellow and then the brown overlapping the orange. It is VERY EASY!

4. Once you feel comfortable with the blending technique you can spray your shirt stencil! Let dry.

Here is what it looks like after! You can be done now if you want. But, I wanted to add more!

4. I made some reverse stencils and taped them on the shirt. I wanted the guitar to stand out so I used the stencil cut-out I made to got over it . I just used blue tape to stick the guitar and the notes to the shirt.

5. Spray short sprays of paint on the shirt with all 3 colors. Make sure the colors overlap and cover the whole shirt. Let dry.

6. Flip the shirt over and do the backside too!

This is what the shirt came out like after I washed it!

I was supplied with Simply Spray to complete this project.

Here is what I think of it:
I really like the product. It is easy to use and the paint stays soft. The paint that I used only works on light colored shirts. I tried it on a darker color and it did not show up (the bottle CLEARLY stated this... I should have read the label!) They have other types of paint that work on darker colors like the puff paint. The colors on my shirt did fade a little when I washed it... but I did use a very light coat of paint on this shirt.

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Unknown said...

How stinken adorable and creative. I love this rocker T! Thanks for sharing. i would love love love your support, and would love for you to link this darling T to my FIRST ever link party... GOING ON today! Thanks Fawnda~ jenn

Belinda said...

That's pretty cool. Would heat setting the paint help with the fading in the wash?

Heather* said...

this is an awesome little shirt...I think I'm gonna make a couple for my little guy and gal...thanks for sharing

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Thanks everyone! : )

Belinda- The label said it did not need to be heat set so I don't know if that would help or not...

the thrifty ba said...

my 6 yr old son is very very jealous...

Anonymous said...

The fading could be the result of using a new, unwashed shirt. New garments usually have sizing to keep them from wrinkling. The sizing would resist the full absorption of paint. Or if the shirt was previously washed with fabric softener, the coating of fabric softener would come off and take some paint with it.
Excellent tutorial!!! Keep up the good work.

FineArtPainting said...

great tutorial! fun project

come link it up in our DIY CRAFT TUTORIAL LINKY PARTY so our readers can find you and enjoy this idea also...

current one:
as of later today:

a new party opens each wednesday morning, and can easily be found from our home page.


Life in Rehab said...

LOVE it!!!

Melanie said...

That is really cool! I want to make one today! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Sassy Sites! said...

CUTE!! I love your blog, so adorable! I'm a follower now! Stop by Sassy Sites and say hi! ;)

Its A Blog Party said...

Love it! Very cute!
Thanks for linking up!

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