Friday, July 30, 2010

Feature Friday: Interview with Amanda Formaro!!

Amanda Formaro is here with us today! I got to interview her and she has some fun and exciting news to share with us!

1. Tell us a little about you and your blogs/sites:
Wow where to begin! First and foremost I am a mom. I have four great kids, 3 boys (11, 13, 18) and one precious girl (16). I've been married for 18 years, though hubby and I have been together for a total of 25. We live in southeast Wisconsin, I'm a true midwestern girl. :) As you can see from their ages, most of my kids have outgrown doing crafts with me, and #4 is losing interest as he gets older. However, that hasn't stopped me from making crafts for kids.

I've been crafting for (acquired by Disney in June 2009) for almost 5 years, I make kid's crafts for their site. I've been published in quite a few online mags as well as a couple print magazines. Back in 1997 I founded the site, then sold it in 2007, but I'm still the editor on a part time basis. I also work for a few other sites as editor,,,, among others. :) Then there's my cooking and crafting blogs. I love to bake and cook, so I record all my kitchen adventures on Amanda's Cookin' and any crafts I'm not making for other sites, including any makeovers and redos, I keep track of on Crafts by Amanda My blogs don't get the attention I would like due to my work schedule, but I squeeze in posts at night and make projects in between drying times of Kaboose crafts!

2. I know you have some exciting news for us about Craft Gossip... What is it?
I do! Craft Gossip is an excellent source for all things crafty, whether it's news, contests, craft fairs, or tutorials. However, until recently, there really wasn't a section that showcased so many of the fabulous makeovers, redos, and projects that fall into the home decorating and organizing area. I've joined the Craft Gossip team as their newest editor heading up the Home & Garden category This new category will include anything from laundry room signs, porch and deck spruce ups, furniture makeovers, and everything in between. If it's made for the home, inside or out, I'll do my best to bring you some fabulous highlights. Craft Gossip also has several other popular areas, including Crochet, Edible Crafts, Scrapbooking and several others. All of the categories are listed on the left side of the site and each one is run by an editor just like me, one that's passionate in their field. I'm excited about this new section of Craft Gossip! It has already received tons of positive feedback from Craft Gossip subscribers and continues to grow daily.

3. Where will you be looking for feature items on Home and Garden Craft Gossip?
I subscribe to an insane number of crafty blogs :) I also participate in several link parties throughout the week, so after I've entered my own post, I scour the link parties looking for new blogs to subscribe to. While most of my features will originate from bloggers, I will also feature cool projects from some of the larger websites such as Martha Stewart, craftzine, and others. I do prefer to highlight bloggers, and there's such an abundance of creative genius out there, it won't be hard to stuff this category to overflowing! First and foremost, I'm looking for creative, unique, and inspirational projects. Good photos are a must so that our readers can truly see what the end result should look like.

That means Amanda will be looking at our Show Off Your Stuff Party!!

4. What can we do to help Home and Garden Craft Gossip going?
Subscribe to the feed, tell your friends, add our button! If you use Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking sites, I'd love it if you shared the new Home and Garden category. I try to stop by each blog that I feature and leave them a note letting them know that I have featured their project. It's wonderful when a featured blog adds the button to their blog so their readers can find out about us too. Craft Gossip is actually a rather large site with a big following, but the Internet is a much larger place and there are many who haven't discovered us yet. The more readers we have, the more exposure our featured projects receive, meaning the more traffic they receive in return. Craft Gossip doesn't house the tutorials, but rather links over to the actual project on the specific blog. So the more traffic we receive, the more the end blogger receives! :) it's a win win!

Any other info you want to tell us about this new Craft Gossip Category?
In order for this fabulous category to survive the probationary period, we need visitors. It's already doing wonderfully, but the more the merrier. The longer this category survives, the longer I can feature the incredible projects that flood the blogosphere every day. i am continually inspired by the amazing talent out there in blogland and I'm on a mission to share it with others. :)

Crafters can submit their projects for consideration as well. Just go to Craft Gossip and click on the "Send us Gossip" ( tab. Not every link that is submitted will be guaranteed inclusion, but it will definitely be shared with the appropriate editor, and if nothing else, you've just been added to that editor's radar, which of course can lead to future inclusions. :)

Craft Gossip is an AMAZING site! I know that every time one of my projects get featured on Craft Gossip I get tons of traffic!

I hope you all check out and support this new addition to Craft Gossip!

Thanks Amanda for taking time to hang out with us today!!

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Amanda said...

Thanks so much for the feature Shawnda! I'm looking forward to featuring as much as I can, and am always happy to discover new blogs with amazing talent :)

Unknown said...

I'd never heard of craft gossip. I'm checking it out now. Thanks for the heads up!

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