Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Scrappy Braided Headband- {Made from Sheets!}

Here is my craft using Sheets! The Iron Crafter is going on RIGHT now and the secret ingredient is sheets and pillowcases! Hope on over and enter your projects that you made using sheets and pillow cases! (Don't worry I am not entering my own contest!)

I got this idea from these headbands I saw on Homemade by Jill.

Here is what you need:
Sheet or scrap fabric
elastic (I used and old elastic headband)

1. cut or rip your sheet into strips and cut 3 strips of your ribbon.
(I cut mine to be about 32 inches long)

3. Pin 3 strand together and pin to your pant leg. (Remember when you made friendship bracelets! or am I the only one who did that?) I pined two pieces of fabric with one piece of ribbon.

4. Start braiding

Continue braiding until it is long enough to fit about 3/4th of the way around your head. From just below the ear to just below the ear of the other side. My finished braid was about 13.5 inches.

5. Repeat with other fabric strip and ribbon. On this one I used 2 ribbons and one fabric strip.

6. Sew both your braids together at each end. Go back and forth a bunch of times!

7. Cut off the excess fabric and ribbon at the end

8. Cut a piece of elastic to finish the headband. I measured around the back of my head. I cut mine to be about 4 inches.

9. Sew the elastic to each side of the head band.
Optional embellishing!
10. Grab some cute buttons

11. Hand sew them to your head band

Cute cute cute cute!

I love that I now have a way to make my mommy pony tail look much cuter!

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the thrifty ba said...

book marking this to do when i get back from girls camp!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

way cute idea! I love it!

Jocelyn said...

too cute! i started making the almost exact same thing (mine are sewed into flower discs and put on headbands) and now I am seeing braided strips everywhere:-) love it!

Lessons Learned said...

very cute. i did something very similar with scrap fabric strips. what a great idea with sheets and pillowcases, they have great colors and prints too.

made at greenlodge said...

fab idea, will have to try. thanks for sharing.

Keri said...

Super cute! I sport the pony tail frequently too so thanks for sharing. I need something to spruce my hair up.

Shell said...

What a groovy way to keep those little hairs out of your face! I made LOTS of friendship bracelets, back in the day :)

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I adore this project. It is going in my style file for sure!

Happy 4th of July!

Artediella said...

bellissima idea ,grazie per il tutorial.Ciao Mariella

Dee said...

I made this for my daughter & she loved it. So cute. Her friends loved it too. I have a feeling I'm going to be making more. Thanks for the awesome project.

ashley @ little miss momma said...

Love this headband--so crafty!
Would love for you to link up to my Headband Link party over at Little Miss Momma! Here's the link:

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