Friday, June 11, 2010

Feature Friday - Christine at From an Igloo!!

Today we have antoher great blog swapper! Christine of From an Igloo! I am over at her blog today so come on over and see me! : )


Hi! My name is Christine, and I'm the author of the blog From An Igloo. My blog is dedicated to sewing and crafts, but I have been known to make the occasional tasty treat! I'm so happy to be here on Fireflies and Jellybeans today and am going to share with you the first tutorial I ever posted on my blog! It's one of my personal favorites, so I hope you enjoy it too! Dolly hair pretties!

My girls go through hair pretties like mad. I find them under the couch, under their beds, in the toy boxes. They get left in restaurants, at ballet, at school. It drives me CRAZY and if I somehow had a way to add up the amount of money we have spent over the past 5 yrs on hair stuff I would probably be shocked and horrified.

Last Christmas one of their aunties gifted the girls the absolute cutest hair pretties I had ever seen. I threatened the girls short of their lives not to lose them. I guess they like being alive because in something short of a miracle they didn't lose them, and a year later they are still hanging around. Problem is, these hair pretties (which look like little dolls) now look like they lead questionable lifestyles and I can't have dollies like that in my girlie's hair! So before throwing them out, I did what any normal person would do. I took them apart, and then made some new ones. Here is what you need to do to make them too!

You will need:
- Glue gun/glue
- Yarn
- Beads- I chose wooden 1/2 inch
- Thread/needle
- A piece of cording
- Alligator clips or barrettes
- Scraps of fabric

- Embellishments like ribbon and buttons

I forgot the Sharpie! Draw a face on your bead. She's happy!

I couldn't find a piece of cord as thin as I wanted, so I am taking mine apart and only using one section.

Cut two pieces. One 6 inches and one 2.5 inches. Put a little knot in each end. These will be your arms and legs.

Fold your long piece in half and put it up through your bead.

Cut a piece of yarn- I didn't measure as we will trim Dolly's hair up later. Wrap it through and around your cording 2-3 times. This is to create the part in her hair and to secure her legs.

Remember what you did with the cording? Do this with a piece of yarn. You will want about 10-12 pieces for her hair. I didn't measure this- you can trim up her hair later.

Slide her strands of hair through the cording.

Now pull her legs down. Not too hard or everything will pull through the top of the bead!
Look at her pretty hair!

Lift her hair up and put some hot glue on the back of the bead and glue her hair down.

Now take a scrap of fabric- I used a 1.5 inch x 3 inch piece. Best to use one that will not fray like a knit. Hot glue the ends so it looks like a tube. You can make her dress longer or shorter.

Take your needle and thread and weave the thread in and out a few times around your tube. Do this down from the top aprox 1/2 inch.

Put your Dolly inside the tube and pull the thread and tie it to gather. I also wrapped the thread around a couple of times to ensure it was strong. Voila, Dolly has a dress!

Add something if you wish, or don't.

Turn your dolly over, put a dot of glue on her back and attach her arms.

I'm choosing to use a barrette for this one. I cut a tiny piece of my fabric and lined the top using my hot glue. I added a bow to Dolly too. Now put some glue on the top of your barrette and attach Dolly (don't forget to lift up her hair- which you should now trim too).

Super cute!

I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial I've shared with you today! Here are just a few of the other tutorials you will find on From An Igloo.

I hope you'll come by and say hello!

Thank you Fawnda for having me here today, it was fun! :)


Farah said...

Its so cute and lovely, and your tutorial is helpful, I love these types of little cute project...

Anonymous said...

Seriously, those are too cute! I can't wait for my little girl to have hair!! :)

Suzanne said...

Such a barrette and so sweet to share the tutorial with us all! Thank you!

La Maison Reid said...

I haven't made "little" things like this in YEARS but this is so darn cute I'm dying to try this one. I have a little niece that just might LOVE it. How creative!

Auntie Bee said...

oh my goodness that is adorable! I haven't felt crafty in a while but I am definitely inspired to try this cutie out for my Lil' Tootsiebelle!!

Unknown said...

What great baby gifts these will make! I really love those cuties. Thanks for sharing the tute to us. I would probably make some. =)

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