Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift!

I originally made this as a "Back to School" teacher gift, but I think it would be a great as a Teacher appreciation gift as well. (Just change the message on the front!)

So if you are looking for a last minute teacher gift, this is it! It is quick and easy!

Here is a cute simple gift you can make for your child's teacher. I was a middle school teacher for 10 years and I would have loved to get one of these!

  • 4.25 X11 inch piece of card stock for box
  • 2 X 3.75 inch coordinating card stock for mat
  • 1/75 X 3.5 inch white paper or card stock for welcome back message.
  • ruler
  • Scoring tool (I use a rule and a skewer)
  • scissors
  • paper cutter
  • adhesive (I use double sided tape)
  • .5 inch hole punch
  • Embellishments
  • Water bottle

1.) On your 4.25 X 11 piece of card stock make score lines parallel to the LONG side at .5, 1, 3.25, 3.75 inches (I outlined mine in pencil so you could see them)
2.) Now make score lines parallel to the SHORT side at 4, 4.5 and 8.75 inches.

3.) Cut off the part that I have shaded below (click on the picture to make it bigger)

4.) Make a cut on the score line to make a little tab on the little square that is formed. ( do to both sides)

5.) Fold on all your score lines. make sure you make your creases really good.

6. Fold over the long sides to start to form the box and place adhesive on the the flaps that are made.
7.) Carefully adhere the flaps to the back of the box.
8.)Punch a hole using your 1.5 inch hole punch on the top flap of the box.
9.) Write your message and attach your embellishments and adhere to your mat. Then, adhere your mat to the box.

10.) Place on a new water bottle with a juice mix inside and you are all set!

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Melissa said...

What a wonderful and practical gift!!

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