Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shannon from Quarry Orchard! {Blog Anniversary Celebration!}

This week Fireflies and Jellybeans is turning 1 year old! Who wants to work on their Birthday? Not me! So, I have lined up some GREAT guest posts and some FABULOUS giveaways for this week!

Say Hello to Shannon from Quarry Orchard

It is such a pleasure to be here with you all today! :) I'm Shannon from Quarry Orchard. I started blogging this past October as a way to keep track of all the projects we do around this house. Most have been out of necessity...fixing a leaking foundation (ugh) and getting rid of mold from under the drywall from the leaking foundation (double ugh)...

We also do everything ourselves and try to be as budget friendly as we can be. (That's my way of avoiding saying we are just cheap!) In between big projects, I like to do smaller ones to decorate. I make my own laundry and dish soap, wallpaper with a dictionary, spray paint on windy days :). We learn a lot with each project and are slowly making this house our own.

My most recent projects all surround my recent globe obsession merging with my thriftiness. 

 I hadn't planned on doing the jute, sisal, or dictionary ball, so they probably won't all hang out together except in this picture. Long story short: I needed 3.5 inch balls for my "I need to make my own globe" kick. I didn't realize this and bought a bag of 3 inch ones and then later bought a bag of 4 inch ones. Sooooo, I had 1 or 2..... or 8 Styrofoam balls that needed a bit of creativity and a lot of hot glue. So much for being thrifty, huh?!

This whole project began with a "make your own globe" Google search. I didn't find whole lot of globes that I loved, but I did strike some gold and found a few I liked. I even expanded my search and found a great solar system with actual photos. I printed Earth, Venus, and the moon from that site and found a cool, older globe from another one.

Here is the Earth that I printed from the solar system site. Yes, it is as fun to cut out as it looks!

I printed my globes and began to work. I thought, and thought, and thought, and emailed people, and thought some more about how to actually MAKE them. I still haven't found 3.5 inch balls. I didn't want to "shave" off a half inch from the 4 inch balls... I didn't want to paper mache the 3 inch balls to make them 3.5 inches...

After about two weeks of no solutions and no 3.5 inch balls, I finally decided that I wasn't teaching world geography off of my globe-- it didn't have to be perfect. I wanted it to look tidy and decorative. So, I pulled out the 3 inch balls and got to work!

I used Elmer's glue. I actually made these while I was on vacation and didn't think to also bring my hot glue gun.That's how excited I was about sharing this with you!

I used quite a bit of glue. I wanted to make sure it stuck well and, although I wanted it to be a bit "bumpy", I didn't want it sloppy. 

The poles of Venus. 
They overlap because the ball wasn't large enough, but, I ended up liking it better anyway! I also liked that this one doesn't LOOK like a planet. It is just a little ball with some stripes. I even liked the way the strips show up. It gave it some unexpected texture! And, because the ball was smaller than it should have been, I also had to cut off one "strip" from my printed pieces. They fir perfectly that way, but were still a little long at the "poles".

Earth actually turned out better than I expected. Because it was such a dark blue, I had to really work to get ALL of the white cut off. I didn't want stripes down my Earth. It already had lost one whole section of space and its ice caps shrunk a bit more. But, I think it turned out pretty good! It isn't perfect, but I prefer character over perfection :).

My South Pole is a victim of global warming and the ice caps are receding.
If you make this, use hot glue. I am a 'glue puddler', as my hubby says, and I used too much glue. It stuck well. But, after it was all dried, the glue washed out some of my printer ink. Luckily, it washed out on the parts that I didn't plan to show anyway!

I'm sure that there are people out there who know how to tweak their printer settings and make this work for 3 inch balls.  I am not one of those people. When you are not one of those people, you figure out how to work around that fact!

Although this batch is done, I am still not done on my "global mission". Anyone have any tips, any better ideas, any "I can't believe it took you weeks to figure it all out" comments :)?


Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Shannon- Great idea! I love it! The earth does look great as a decrotive ball! I will have to try this! Thanks for guest posting! :)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

This is a very cool idea. I am featuring it at Fawnda, Happy blogiversary. I'm loving all these posts for it!

Angie Holden said...

These are so cute!!

Leanne said...

Very cute and fun! I'll have to try these.

Unknown said...

What a fun project! I teach geography to 6th graders and this would be something I could do with them. I love anything with maps!

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