Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Sorry! Felt house along Week 4

I am SOOOO sorry, but I did not complete my next side for you all in time... I am going to finish it up and get it posted by Saturday (Which is technically this week so I am not REALLY late!)

My two year old had his shots on Monday and we took it easy on Tuesday, so no work on the felt playhouse was done.

I am hoping that enough of us are a little behind and could use the extra few day that it does not make a mess of things! : )

Let me know if you have any question from the other weeks! : )


Dawn said...

Thank you so much for all you're doing!!! I am so behind-if you can count not even starting as behind-life has been crazy. I can't wait to start one though-I know my kids are going to love it!!!

Kelli said...

I'm so relieved! I'm behind, too! I'd blame the sick baby, but that was only part of it. So now maybe I can catch up! Yay!

Chic Mommy said...

Hey Fawnda, no problem. Us moms know how life can get...CRAZY. Plus it gives us straglers a chance to catch myself. Im almost done the front of my house in which Ill link pics soon.

LeAna said...

just discovered your blog. i made a felt playhouse a few months ago after being inspired by ones i saw floating around etsy and other blogs. you can check it out here:

can't wait to see how all of these come together!

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