Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Felt House Along - Week 3 {Sewing side 2!}

Are you ready for the second side today! Here we go!

Today I am going to show you how I added a window and some cute ways to embellish your sides!

First gather all the supplies for your side. I used felt for my grass and duck, some $1 flowers I got from Target Dollar spot, and my window template.
If you are looking for a cute way to add a little friend to your house. Here is what I did: I googled duck clip art and looked until I found one I liked. I imported it into Word and printed it out to use as a template for my duck. I cut out each part of the body and pinned them to the felt.
Now for the window!
I used my window template. I made it from a piece of paper. It is 8.5 X 8.5 inches square. I would not make your window bigger then this as your little one might try to climb through it! :)
I placed my template 6 inches from the side and 6 inches from the top and pined it into place.

To cut out the window out, I used my rotary cutter and self healing mat. I placed the mat under where I had the window.
and I used my clear ruler as a guide and cut around the square

For the trim I like the Miter Edge look.
Here is how I did it.
I cut out 2 X 12.5 inch strips (4 of them) and 2 X 10.5 inch strips (two of them)
{The 2 X 12.5 strips are for the trim
The 2 X 10.5 strip are for the cross inside the window.}

For the mitered edge strips here is the formula that I used:
W= width of strip
L = Length of the WINDOW side

So, the strip should be W by (L + 2W)
So my W= 2 and my L = 8.5 so my strips were
2 by 8.5 + 2(2) = 8.5 + 4 = 12.5--- 2 X 12.5
{Ha ha! I got you to do a little algebra! : ) I am a math teacher, you know! }
I took the 2X10.5 inch strips and folded them in half and sew down both sides.
Now we are going to miter the edges of the 2 X 12.5 strips.
Take your strip and line it up on the corner of your cutting mat. Use the 90 Degree line to get your diagonal cut.
Flip your strip over so it looks like this and cut the 90 degree angle on the other side.
You should have a nice trapezoid like the one below!
Now that you have all your trim and cross cut out, place them on your window and pin in place.
Sew around the trim in the outside and inside edges to hold it in place.
(here is a close up)
Now, we are going to clean up the corners.
Set your zig zag width to 4 and the stitch length to 1.
And sew down the diagonal of your corner

Now lets add some more things to this side!
I sewed on some green felt in the shape of a hill. I left the top of the hill open and sew 3 vertical lines going up to make the pockets for the flowers. My pockets are about 2.5 inches wide.
Next I sewed on the details of the duck and added some buttons for the eyes (before adding him to the side). I pinned him in place.
{Wow he looks kinda mad... I think it is the pins in a V that look like mad eyebrows!}
I sewed around the outside of the duck and I left an opening on both the head and the body so that I could stuff him.

I finished sewing around the duck and all done!

How are you doing on your house? I'd love to see and hear all about it! Also if you have any questions let me know. I try to e-mail the answers to those who have a e-mail attached to their profile. If you don't then, I answer them in the comments.

This McLinky is ONLY for the felt house along... please use the Show Off Your Stuff McLinky for ALL other projects! I will delete any link that does not have to do with the felt house along!
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Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

I'm falling behind! My machine started breaking needles on Sat. night, so after 2 I gave up and called it a night. I'll link up when I get 2 sides finished! Thanks for the tutorial on the windows - that was the next step to tackle and I was worried about winging it!

Dawn said...

Thanks for all the great instructions-I'm very behind but can't wait to start!

Remodelaholic said...

I guess I didn't read the instructions about the felt house... Sorry about that!

Sadie said...

This is so great!! I have plans for a felt house, but haven't started yet. This will be great when I finally get started. Thanks!

Little Lexi said...

I so want to do one of these, but I don't have a sewing machine...or how to use one.

Do you think I could do this all by hand? I think my mom could or sister in law could sew the panels together.

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Little Lexi- you can hand sew all the parts on the house... it would take a little longer but it is doable. Especially if your mom or sister could sew that panels together. Felt is great to work with because it does not fray!

GOod luck!

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

wanna make felt house like u... thanks 4 sharing...


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