Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you! 3 Awards in one week!

Holy Cow! We are so not worthy of getting 3 awards in one week! My Hubby is a little worried that this may go to my head! : ) We are so honored that you guys read our little blog but to give us an award on top of that is just AWESOME! Thanks so much!

Apple Seed Gifts gave us the Craftiest crafter award!

Super Stinky Boys gave us the Kreative Blog award!

Lit Bit of Us gave us the Beautiful Blogger award!

There are all sorts of rule associated with the awards and I am not going to follow them... (Looking to the sky to see if lighting will strike me down!)... But, what I really want is for you to check out these wonderful blogs!


Sonia said...

Whoa, great going! I'm so happy for you..your blog rocks and you both really deserve these!

Chels said...

A fellow blog award rebel! I'm one of those too! Glad to know I'm not alone! ☺

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