Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Spotlight: SOYS Favorites!

I am love love loving the Show Off Your Stuff (SOYS) parties! It is so fun to see all the fun stuff that everyone is making! You guys are amazing and inspiring!

Here are my favorites for this week!

I am loving all the T-Shirt Rehabs this week

Kalleen at At Second Street made this cute dress from a $1 T-shirt!

Julie at Singing Three Little Birds made this scarf from a T-shirt!

I Want to Try That made a Rock Star T-shirt from my tutorial and it turned out GREAT!

Here are some other fun projects that I loved:

Learn how to make a potato bag at A Girl And A Glue Gun... these are great for making baked potatoes... and I LOVE baked potatoes!

A Few of My Favorite Things shows some easy tips on how to take Studio Photo Shoots at your house. This photo is BEAUTIFUL!

Learn how to make this magazine holder from a cereal box at My Frugal Life Style

Sassy Style made this beautiful word canvas!

Feel free to take our "FEATURED" button if you were featured today!


Tausha said...

Thanks so much girl! You know that old Sally Field oscar speach? nYou like me, you really like me!
Thanks again! You made my weekend!

Jess said...

Thank you for featuring me!

Stephanie - My Frugal Lifestyle said...

THANK YOU so much for featuring me! You totally made my day :)

jerriann said...

I just wanted to thank you for the blogs that you featured. One of them made something that I desperately need. I will be trying my hand at soon.

kim west said...

I feel so special.....Thank you!

Sonia said...

Love LOVE love the featured stuff, especially the t-shirt dress!

Melissa said...

Ooooooooooooh thanks for sharing these - I am all about the potato bag...going to make one - my husband will soooooooooo appreciate not burning his fingers on tin foil. And I will appreciate the reusability!!

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