Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Felt House Along: Week 1 {Planning and Supplies}

Welcome to the first week of the Felt-House-Along! I am SOOOOOOO excited about everyone who is joining in on the fun!

If you come here and you want to go right to the Felt-House-Along post, I made a button on the top right side bar for you to click on for easy access! I was also thinking of adding a McLinky to the bottom of the post so that when you are done with the week's "homework", you can blog about it, and come back to link up... that way we can all come around and encourage each other as we are making it! What do you think? I will add the McLinky, and leave it open for a while. Leave me some feedback in the comments about what you think about the idea. Thanks.

Ok, are you READY?!?!?

First, do some research... look at other felt houses out there in blogland. Here are some of the ones that I used when I was starting out!
This one is from Homemade By Jill I love it!

This one is from This and That so cute on the inside!

A very manly one from Sew Much Ado

A very princess one from Ikat Bag

And...of course, you could look at MINE! : )

Draw a Sketch:
Now that you are inspired, I suggest that you draw a sketch of what you want on each side of your house. It will give you a good and easy starting point! Think about the table that you are going to use, and if the sides are all the same or if some are longer. I used a 32 inch square card table. But other people have used their dinning room tables to make a bigger fort! Having a sketch will give you direction and help you see what it will look like. It will help you see if there is a big hole, or if it is too busy...Here is the sketch I used when I made my felt play house:

I also labeled the colors I wanted to use. Use this planning time to make some decisions. It will make it easier when your are shopping for supplies!

Measure you table:
Measure each side of your table in inches. Also measure the height of your table.

My table was 32 inches square and 28 inches tall

Now add an inch on to each side and on to the height for seam allowances. So each of the sides of my felt house as 33" (Wide) BY 29" (Tall) and the roof was 33" BY 33". You will need 4 sides and 1 roof. {I will go over this again in Week 2}

Ok, now that you have a plan, we are ready to gather some supplies!

Felt (duh!) I got mine from Joann's by the yard. You can also get it online at
Here is what I got:
3.5 yards orange (for the house sides)
2 Yards brown (for the roof, tree, trim and door)
1 Yard Cream (for some trim)
.5 yards of the following for other little things:

I have a BUNCH of felt left over... But I like felt, so I am ok with that! : )
Here are other things that I used besides felt:
Thread - get a couple spools... it stinks not being able to finish a side because you are out of thread!
Target Dollar Spot flowers
Buttons (for the bird eyes)
Freezer Paper and Paint (I Freezer Paper Stenciled the name and address... it was easier and looked better for me - you can also use felt if you want)

Ok, now go get planning and shopping! When you get your plan ready, come back, click on the Felt-House-Along button and link up your post so that I can see it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Chic Mommy said...

This is so awesome your taking the time to do all this. It is the perfect timing since I want to make one of these. I drew out my sketch last night. Im in Canada and we dont have a joanns but Im going to make a trip to the US in a week or so.

I can't wait

Seaexplore said...

wish I had the time to make this! I saved your link so this summer, when I have time, I'll try it out. SUPER CUTE! I did forward your link to my SIL so she can do it- I told her about these forts a few weeks ago and she said she wanted to make one for her girls. I think she might need to make TWO! :) One for each!

Dawn said...

just saw this today-I don't know how I missed it! Thanks for the directions to start out and the great examples to check out-off to plan!!

Andréann said...

I've just found what I'm going to make as a bday present for my daugther this summer. I've sketched and planned what I needed, gonna post it tonight and link it here :)

Haley said...

YAY!! This has been on my craft list for a while and last week I finally decided to get it done. I am so excited I came across your blog and I am looking forward to sharing ideas (and frustrations) with the other crafters.

cz said...

I have started mine and have all the sides finsihed How do I sew on the roof. And tips would be greatlly appreciated..

Faye said...

this is perfect! yours looks amazing, thanks for sharing your journey, and others houses as well. it helps for inspiration. i must be the only person that doesnt have a card table! now i am asking for one for christmas haha. i do however have a small child size table that is gathering dust. I will start by making a mini version of the felt house for dolls, dinosaurs, cars etc. thanks for giving me a new project!!!

Faye said...

im also going to make felt version of different games, shape sorters, even 'paper' dolls to make for the top of the 'house'

taradara made it said...

What a great idea! It really can be whatever you want it to be. I think I may just have to make one for my boys! ... in my spare time ... hehe

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