Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Make A ROCK STAR Ruffle-Butt Onesie With Leg Warmers

I made this cute Rock Star outfit for my cousin's baby girl! Complete with a monogrammed ruffled butt onesie and rockin' leg warmers.

Here is what you will need to make your own!
  • Onesie
  • 2 coordinating fabrics
  • a soft knit scarf from the dollar store
  • Wonder Under (or other heat-n-bond)
  • Sewing machine with sewing accessories (Scissors, thread, etc...)

The Ruffle Butt
1.) Cut your fabric into 1.5 inch strips.  My strips were about 18'' long.  I had 8 strips - 4 of one color and 4 of the other.

2.) Make the strips into ruffles. If you have a ruffle foot - use that. If you do not- don't fear there is still a way! Here is how:
Set your stitch length to the longest possible. Also set your tension to very LOOSE.

In the middle of your strip (lengthwise) sew a straight stitch

Now take your strip and pull on ONE of the thread gently gathering the fabric.  If the thread breaks... that is ok just pull it all out and start over again - you get it!  Now do this to all 8 strips.

3.) Decide where you want the ruffles to go on the onesie butt. Pin your ruffle in place and sew down the middle (over the stitch that you sewed to make the ruffle). I started at the bottom of the butt and worked my way up. I had to cut off a little of the ruffle at first because the length is too long but as I worked my way up I ended up using the whole piece.

Once you have your ruffle sewn one, push the fabric to the middle of the ruffle so that you can place your next ruffle RIGHT next to it.... get it as close as you can, and pin in place.  Sew down the middle of the ruffle.

Keep adding ruffles until you are done!

I left my ruffles edges unfinished because I like the frayed look.  It adds to the ROCK STAR look!

The Monogram Front
1.) Cut out a square and a letter from your fabric and Wonder Under

2.) On the onsie place the pieces in this order from bottom to top:                
  • Square Wonder Under
  • Square Fabric
  • Letter Wonder Under
  • Letter Fabric
Iron in place using the Wonder Under directions.

3.) Stitch around the edges to hold in place.  Again I left the edges frayed.

Leg Warmers
1. Cut off two 12'' strips, with the finished ends on one side

2.) To finish the other side- Zig-zag stitch along the edge.

It will make it a little ruffle on the end... cute!

2.) Fold each strip in half and sew to make a tube.

*Note about the Leg Warmers* These skinny leg warmers are great for NEW BORNS... but if you want to make them for a toddle they will probably not fit.  You could sew two layers together instead of folding it in half to make them wide enough.

All DONE! 

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Donna said...

That's adorable, Fawnda! Our dollar stores don't carry scarves down here in FL...I wish they did because I'd love to make my little girl a pair of leg warmers. That's a great idea!

Krystal said...

Aww, i wish I or someone in my family had a little girl so I could make one!

Jaclyn said...

Thanks for posting! I have a baby shower to go to in a couple of weeks, and I was running out of gift ideas...you've just inspired me! yay!

Anne said...

So cute!! I love the rock n roll look!!

I featured your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Unknown said...

Fawnda, this is too cute! Happy New Year! xo

Jaedyn said...

Too cute, you are very talented! And I would love to see a picture of the friend's baby in her new outfit. :-)

I added this to my Creative Moms Blog hop! (kindredspiritmommy.com)

Crystal said...


Expressions by Heather said...

How adorable! And kind of funny- just today, I used that same black & white scarf to make myself socks!

Anonymous said...

That's adorable, but my current onesie is working out just fine so far (haha). My ruffles aren't as cute though.

Patsy said...

This is adorable!! My granbaby gets one tonight when I get off work!! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

My goodnes...ADORABLE! You did an awesome job! How clever with the scarf!

Unknown said...

Great job - SO cute!!

Becca said...

I love a good ruffle butt! wish I could get away with wearing one!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

so cute! thanks for linking!

MediMonsters said...

This is so cute!! Wish I had a baby to make it for...no wait....what am I thinking?!?

Andy Porter said...

I'd love to see a shot of the little cutie modeling this rockin outfit!

Its So Very Cheri said...

That is soooo cute. I wish my little girl was small enough to stir wear ruffles on her tooshy.


Jen said...

Oh how I wish I had a little girl to make that for. I love the ruffle bum.

Angie - treasuresfortots@gmail.com said...

VERY sweet!

Come share your tutorial at my party: Thursday's Treasures!

Coniqua said...

I'd really love to see how they look on.

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