Friday, January 15, 2010

Featured Friday - Punkin Seed Productions

Hello Fireflies and Jellybeans readers! I'm so excited to be blog swappin here today! I'm a new blogger and Fawnda has been so helpful and sweet! Plus, what a fun blog they have - these two ladies have such fun ideas! I can't believe I get to be a guest blogger here - woo hoo! And, Fawnda, is guest blogging over at my blog today, so go check it out! Punkin Seed Productions.

I thought I'd start off by introducing myself! I'm Kristi from Punkin Seed Productions, a little DIY blog.

I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 kiddos and I'm a schizophrenic crafter!!! What I mean by this is that I love everything about crafting - all kinds - if I could just focus on one type, I might master it, but I just can't stay FOCUSED!!!! Can anyone relate????

I love to paint, quilt, stitch, distress, repurpose, scrapbook, junk hunt, ...... should I go on? Please tell me some of you can relate to my disease? If it was just the crafting issue, I think I'd be ok, but I also love to run (well, maybe you wouldn't call it running, more like "slogging" - slow jogging), hike, snowshoe, camp, read, teach my kids, watch my kids play sports, play games, watch movies, decorate my house, be with my husband....... Oh, and then there are the things I don't like to do but have to: clean house, pay bills, work, run errands..... Do you see my pain??? How can I fit it all in??? Enough about my issues.

Well, today, I thought I would share a tutorial on a recent little craft I did for Valentines Day called "Love Spoken Here". I hope this helps you get bitten by the Valentine's Bug!!!!

The finished product:

The supply list:

scrapbook paper
rusty wire

And the "how to":

1. Cut out a heart and cut it in half.

2. Sand/distress the edges of your heart:

3. Paint your heart:

4. Modge Podge (love that stuff!) some pretty paper that you've inked onto your heart.

5. Thread beads and ribbon on rusty wire. This is one of the things I love about all you crafty ladies out there - you have such great ideas. I saw a few posts on how to make bead and ribbon necklaces, including the one right here on Fireflies and Jellybeans, so I thought - why not on wire? Well let me tell you why not. The beads I chose didn't have quite big enough holes. Yes, you guessed it, I drilled them a bit bigger. NO, I didn't take a picture of that because, as you might have guessed, my hands were quite full! =0)

6. Keep on alternating ribbon and beads until you've reached the length you want (I just eyeballed it).

7. Now drill two holes about an inch apart on each side of the heart, wiring together the two sides with rusty wire. Drill two more holes, on on the top edge of each side of the heart. Put the wire that you just beaded through the holes from the back side. Twist the ends of your wire around something round, like a small paintbrush handle or pen. Oh, yes, the finish touch: add a cute little tag with sweet wishes on it! You're done! If you don't want to try this yourself, I have it on sale at my Etsy Shop.

Thanks again for stopping by. Please head on over to Punkin Seed Productions where Fawnda is guest posting - I am so lucky!!!!


Michelle said...

oooh this is beautiful....I love it. Going to check out your blog now

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Kristi- Great job! I love it! Perfect for Valentine's Day!!

Andy Porter said...

That is way too cute!! Great job! Thanks for linking to Poppies!

Unknown said...

Kristi, I totally relate! so much fun stuff to do, too much boring stuff to do, how can we do it all, right?

Egghead said...

Very cool. I love this but cutting a heart out of wood might be a challenge for this non wood cutting girl. Have to get Davey to help me. I love this sis. I am loving looking at Fireflies and Jellybeans blog as well. Great ideas.

Anny said...

What a darling project :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! Hope I can find the time to make one in time for Valentine's Day this year. ;)

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