Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favorite Things - Stephanie From Somewhat Simple!

Welcome to Day 2 of My Favorite things Week! A week of my FAVORITE bloggers, blogging about their favorite things!

Today we have Stephanie from Somewhat Simple. Her blog is INSPIRATIONAL! I know that you will be inspired today!

Hey there Firefly Friends! I am excited that Fawnda asked me to particpate in this fun event!
My name is Stephanie and I am coming to you all the way from my blog, Somewhat Simple.

The idea I am going to show you today is one that was a pretty big hit with my readers, so maybe you will like it a little too! It will be especially great for those of you still stumped on what to get your special someone for Christmas. I call it "12 Daytz of Christmas" and there is still plenty of time for you to make one!

Last year my husband and I were HORRIBLE at making time to spend just the 2 of us, so I came up with the idea to pre-plan a date night for every month in 2009. I chose dates we probably would not have chosen to do had we decided on the fly to go out, which is usually what we did. Things like going to a comedy club or miniature golfing- all fun activities, but not something we ever made plans to do. When I gave him this for Christmas, I just printed it out on plain white paper and stapled the corners of each page- TOTALLY boring! But in preparation for this post, I jazzed it up a bit for anyone who wants to copy any or all of these pictures. Maybe it will spark your creativity and you can even come up with some of your own as well! Enjoy!

So thats it! I hope you like it!

Come see what else is going on at Somewhat Simple.

Right now you are missing out on a HUGE giveaway- multiple prizes just being thrown around every day this week- you won't want to miss it!

Thanks again for having me Fawnda!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Linds said...

STEPH. I LOVE THESE KINDS OF GIFTS...and this...this is just genious! Thanks so much for sharing! I think I might use it this year!

arkie said...

Such a cute and romantic gift!

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