Thursday, December 10, 2009

Easy sew Scraf and ear muff

Here is a SUPER cute scarf and ear muff that you can make. It is an easy sewing project so even a beginner can do it!

Here is what you will need:
2 fleece scarfs (from the Dollar store!- I also saw them at Old Navy for a $1, but that deal might be done now)
Flannel fabric (about 1.5 yards - use a coupon at JoAnns)
For the scarf:
1.) Cut your fabric to be the same width of the scarf and about 6 inches shorter than the Length.
2.) Lay your flannel wrong side down on top of your scarf with about 3 inches of the scarf hanging out on each side. Pin your fabric in place.
3.) Sew down the 2 long sides of the scarf, leaving both ends open. 4. Flip your scarf right side out through the ends.
5. Now we will finish off the ends. Start by flipping the fringes over your flannel edge.

and then fold back, leaving a little overlap to cover the unfinished side. Pin in place.

I tucked my sides under at the ends to give it a finished look.
6.) Sew across the fold. Repeat on the other side.

Done with the scarf!

Ready for the ear muff?
1. Cut your other Dollar store scarf and flannel into a 30 X 5 rectangles
2. I wanted rounded ends so I used a formula can as a template with my rolling cutter... you can leave it squared off if you want to.

3. Sew with right sides together. Leave a 3-4 inch opening to flip right side out. I like to leave my opening on the longer side and not on an end.
4. Flip right side out and top sew around the edge sewing your opening closed.

5. Cut a piece of Velcro about 4 inches long and sew it to the BACK side of one of the ends.

5. Sew the other piece of Velcro to the TOP side of the other end going in the opposite direction. So, they should make a 90 degree angle when the meet up. I ended up sewing two strips on this side to help it stay closed a little better.

6. Optional fringe accessory! cut off the bottom fringe of the scarf you used to make the ear muff.
Roll it to make a tassel

and hand sew it on your ear muff
ADORABLE! Now go and make your own!

I am linking to:

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Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

So cute. You look nice and warm in your scarf and ear muff. I love the Birdie print fabric.

Unknown said...

WOW! so cute! and it DOES look easy!

Filomena said...

Love Them Birds! Super cute, thanks for sharing!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I love that it looks easy to do- you know me and keeping it simple!

Jen @ said...

What a cute idea. I love it!

Thanks for linking up - it means a lot to me!


Charity said...


Dena Pickle said...

Love it and it's twice as nice to be able to pick your own coordinating fabrics!
Merry Christmas!
hey, did you get your candleholders?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll use it when updating Code Coupon Discount

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