Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since we had so much fun last week...

I thought we would do the SHOW OFF YOUR STUFF PARTY this week too!

And this time I am going to do a giveaway for the people who join in on the party! I will randomly select a post from the McLinky list to be our winner! Come back on Thursday to see what I am giving away... who knows, I may even give away more than one thing...


Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

Man! I wish that I had another project to share, but the only one I have done was posted on last week's party! Ha ha! The rest of my posts are giveaway leads. :P

Have fun with the party, I will be sure to check out each link posted! :)


jannza said...

For some reason I'm not doing so well at creating my link tonight. I wanted to participate in your fun again this week.


Thanks for hosting!

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