Saturday, November 21, 2009

Homemade Christmas!

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Growing up we would always listen to Kenny Roger's Christmas album (first the record then, the cassette) while decorating the house for Christmas. Any time I hear one of the songs, it is like I am a little girl again singing around our tree.

One of the songs is Homemade Christmas in Kentucky. It is about a man who is laid off and can not afford to buy gifts for his family, so he decides to make gifts. He is heartbroken that he can not buy the store made gifts that his kids really want, but knows that for a Merry Christmas you need family and God's love.

here is the chorus:
It's just another homemade Christmas in Kentucky
Just odds and ends I fashioned with my heart and with my hands
It's just another homemade Christmas in Kentucky
Our fine and fancy homemade love, God's precious gift from up above
Make up the homemade Christmas of this poor Kentucky man

I love how the "fine and fancy homemade love and God's precious gift from up above" make up his Christmas. I think a lot of people can relate to this song now-a-days.

I thank God that My Hubby still has his job, but we are still trying to save some money around the holidays so I am thinking of having myself a homemade Christmas in Minnesota! I am going to give some "odds and ends I fashion with my heart and with my hands"

I know it will be a lot of work but I am excited about it all the same! I will be posting tutorials of the gifts that I am making! I hope you enjoy them!

What kinds of homemade gifts are you giving this year?


Unknown said...

I am wanting to do homemade gifts this year too. Scarves, slippers, maybe some dolls for the girls, and I started your fruit basket (started the banana).

Becky said...

I am making the garland that we almost made in Hearts at Home last year. I made one for me and a few extra for gifts...they are turning out really nice, and proclaim the real meaning of Christmas. Here is the tutorial site:

Jo said...

PJ bags, taggie monsters, skirts, appliqued tops and onsies and a cloth book are just a few of the things that I've made for all the beautiful children in our lives this year.

Unknown said...

Quilts, crayon rolls, bookmarks, tissue holders, and names in a frame just to name a few of the items I have made.

Anonymous said...

With two small kiddos and a hubby in grad school, we don't have a huge budget for our huge families this year. But, I have my sewing machine and stash of fabric! I'm making scarves, tote bags, purses, coasters, and even a walker-basket cozy for my Aunt's walker. (I should win some prize for most original gift! Hah!) Even though these projects started out of need, I'm really excited to give them! Much more than some random gift I got on clearance....

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