Friday, October 16, 2009

Featured Friday -Get Your Craft On!

Today we get to welcome Lynette from Get Your Craft On. She is so going to make you want to get YOUR craft on!


Hello to all you Fireflies and Jellybeans fans!!! I'm so excited to be swapping blogs with such a fun and creative blog! Thanks for having me ladies!

I'm a crazy, crafting, stay-at-home mom with two fun and energetic kids! Come check out my blog and Get Your Craft On! I got my first sewing machine shortly after having my first baby. I quickly became addicted to sewing and all the endless possibilities with it! I use to fall asleep dreaming of sewing and imaging what I could come up with next...pathetic, I know. Now, two kids later, I struggle to find enough time to satisfy my creative urge, and try to sneak time here and there throughout the day to sew. I've recently upgraded from my kitchen table "studio" to an actual sewing is my favorite place in the house! Here are a few of my favorite projects:

Sweater - Dress Revamp

Mod Podge Ceiling Fan

Bubble Skirt

And since it's almost Halloween....

Fun Baby Bibs

Superhero Costume

I hope you stop by and maybe get inspired to Get Your Craft On! We have Rooty "TUTE" Tuesday every Tuesday where a new tutorial is featured or I try out a tutorial and post about it. There is also a growing list of free tutorials on the sidebar. I hope you stop by soon!

Thanks again for having me ladies!!!


Be sure to check out Get Your Craft On and see my post!

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