Saturday, September 12, 2009

September Challenge Project #2- Notebook Purse and Matching Pen

For the September monthly challenge on Somewhat Simple, the second project was to make an altered notebook purse.

You can find the tutorial for making the purse at Sister's Stuff,

I added the matching pen! Here is how:

Mod Podge
pen (I got mine free from Fleet Farm)
Scrapbook paper
Paper flower with brad (or any other embellishment)
1.) Cut your paper to be the height of your pen and about 2 inches for the width.

2.) Cover your paper with Mod Podge.

Front and back

3. Set your pen on the edge of the paper and roll as tightly as you can. Pushing and holding the edge until the mod podge is dry (it only take a few seconds... you won't be standing there all day!)
Voila! Almost done!

4.) Put some Mod Podge on the bottom of the pen

and on the bottom of your flower
5.) Put the flower on the pen and hold until it dries.


Wouldn't this be the cutest gift?!?

Thanks Stephanie for another great idea, I can't wait to see what next week's project is!
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Natalie said...

Sooo cute! I love that you made a matching pen! Not to mention that you didn't do a clasp...I think that ruined my purse to be honest! So cute Fawnda, great job!!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

That is very cute! I want to make a matching pen!!!

Kizzie said...

Cute! I love the matching pen, so adorable!

Crystal said...

HOw cute! I love the matching pen. great idea.

Andy Porter said...

That is such a perfect gift.!! I love the matching pen! Really really cute!

Anonymous said...

So, so cute! Love the matching pen with the flower on the end!

Lissa said...

SO cute! I am going to do these with my nieces and they are so excited!

Brittany said...

so creative!! i love scrapbook paper.

stop by my Goodwill party every Wednesday!

Roeshel said...

That's such a cute gift idea! Great job!


Nicole A. said...

I love me some pretty pens and notebooks and these are adorable! Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Sheri said...

Do you have any idea how much my preteen would love this?!

Valencia Jones-Edwards said...

My tween will love some of these!!!

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