Friday, September 4, 2009

Freaky Friday- Sisters' Stuff

You are in for a treat today because we are hosting a blog swap with Sisters' Stuff! These two sisters are super crafty!
Meet: Alish and Whitney:


Hi! We are Alish and Whitney from Sisters' Stuff!
We are excited to be doing a blog swap with Fireflies and Jellybeans today! We really like her clutch handbag, felt barrettes, magnet bookmarks and so much more. She does amazing step-by-step tutorials!

Here are seven things about us!

1. We grew up on a farm and have weeded fields, milked cows and driven tractors.

2. We both graduated from the same university in Elementary Education.

3. 75% of our closets are exactly the same. We always buy the same outfits for us, our husbands and our kids.

4. We look a lot a like and our husband have even gotten us mixed up a few times.

5. We live really far apart but talk on the phone many times a day. Good thing we have free any time minutes!

6. We love Mexican food, Italian food but most of all JUNK FOOD!

7. We should have been twins, but are actually 8 1/2 years apart.

We are 2 sisters that love crafts, recipes, saving money, organizing, home decor, trends, and love being moms. This SITE was created to share all the stuff we love. Here are some of our favorites!

Scrapbook Pregnancy Journal, where you can track your whole Pregnancy. More pages are shown on our blog!

Hanging Name Decoration

We loved making these darling watch bands!
Cool and Creamy-The best treat ever!!

Circus Themed Birthday Party

Altered Magnet Board

Cleaning Box-How we organize all those things we need to clean.___________________________________

Don't they look like they have so much fun!?!?! Who wouldn't want to be their sister?! Hurry over and check them out! You can also see my post over there too!

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Gosfam said...

Thanks for blog swapping with them. I am hooked--super cute stuff.

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