Friday, September 25, 2009

Feature Friday- Spirit of Giving

Today we are blog swapping with Becky from Spirit of Giving. I can't wait for you all to meet her:
Today is my first blog swap! I am Becky from Spirit of Giving and am super excited to be blogging here. I want to thank Fawnda for this wonderful opportunity and keeping me more than busy with all of her tutorials here at Fireflies and Jellybeans!

So, I little about me: I am a stay at home mom of three, my first just starting preschool last week (time flies). I mostly do my projects during nap time and after bed time as they keep me plenty busy. After having my daughter in January of '08 I really started to get into "girly" things. I read, sometimes, and usually Tom Clancy. Someday I want to finish all of his books so I always buy them at garage sales if I see them! My husband (of 7 years) says they are "boy books" which he prefers I read over girly "fluff" if I insist on reading.
OOHHH I almost forgot! Just this week, I recieved Amy Butler's Little Stitches and InStitches pattern books. I absolutely cannot wait to try like ALL of them!
Last spring I opened my etsy shop (Spirit of Giving, of course) and started to "craft" in ernest. I have always made things for friends and relatives but decided to branch out, but don't worry, they are still getting their gifts.
The vast majority of my time is spent making hooded towel. I love to make them and also love the fact that it can be used for 5-6 years as your baby grows. I even get lots of requests for them as birthday gifts.
I carry tons of colors of towels and even more ribbon which I have all listed on a flickr photostream for everyone to browse. I am totally addicted to buying ribbon. I have so much most people get overwhelmed but yet I am constantly coming home with more (thank you PayPal debit card!) I just recently found a tutorial for a Lovie and Plush Block and also made a boy one in browns and blues. I added a set of coordinating burp clothes and hope to sell them at my upcoming craft show. I don't do many but the school is sponsoring so I decided to try it out.
Here is ultra girly for you! A hot pink tutu with satin and flowers, can't get much better than that. These are my favorite to make and perfect for getting pictures taken.

My favorite wedding/shower/housewarming gift is a nice set of plush monogrammed hand towels. I make a lot for gifts for my husband's clients. A while back I bought a huge CD with tons of fonts and monograms and I love sorting through them and finding one to match a person's style. I was just thinking.. I don't even have a set, maybe when we find the house of our dreams and settle down? Maybe...
Well, there you go, some of my latest projects! Come on over sometime and check out my blog and shop, everyone is welcome to browse! I am starting to get a little bit addicted to blogging, it is so much fun. Have a wonderful Friday and head over to see Fawnda's post at Spirit of Giving!

Would you like to blog swap with us? Just e-mail us at and we can set up a time that will work!


Crystal said...

I really love the towels and all of the fun ribbon! She has really cute projects

Janey said...

I've seen these hooded towels everywhere, and I've always wanted one! This way I figure I wouldn't have to always dirty two towels for drying off and for wrapping up my hair. You are a genius! Love it :)

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