Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 ways to reuse your formula can

The formula can above is special because it comes from Korea where we adopted our son. We got it from the Korean Adoption agency when we traveled to Seoul to pick him up. So, I have not thrown it away. But I think that it wants to be more than just an empty formula can sitting on top of my refrigerator! I come up with four uses for formula cans. (Lucky for me I have more than 4 cans waiting to be used!)

#1) A Craft Scrap trash can:

When I am sewing or card making or anything I need a place to put all of my little scraps. I feel like I can craft better if I am surrounded by cute things so why not make a cute little trash for me?!

You need:
a can
scrapbook paper
double sided tape

Cut the paper so that it is the height of your can. Use double sided tape to stick it to the can

If you need to use a coordinating paper (or the same paper- it's up to you!) to over lap to cover the whole can

Cut out a rectangle and use your markers to write your label and use you double sided tape to stick it to the can. TA-DA an adorable little scrap collector!

#2) Button can:
Find some cute paper with dots on it and use your markers to decorate them to look like buttons. Wrap it around your can.
You can also decrorate the lid too!

Fill with buttons and enjoy!

#3) Fall Centerpiece:
Use some brown paper to wrap around the can. Rip out some leaf shapes out of fall-y paper, stick them to the can. Fill with fall flowers, OR find some sticks from your back yard!
#4) A Picnic/BBQ caddy:
Cover your can with a picnic style paper, embellish with ribbon and fill with napkins and plastic wear! Put out when you are grilling with friends, picnicking, or just eating with your family!

I used this can to make my 4th of July center piece as well (waste not... want not!).

I hope you enjoyed these easy ways to reuse your cans!
How do you reuse cans at your house?

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Unknown said...

WOW! LOVE them all! I also need a little scrap trash can. I always end up with a little pile of thread or paper scraps... great ideas! you're so clever. :)

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Adorable! My favorite is the craft scraps can. I desperately need to make myself one of these. I get annoyed with having to walk over to the trash can when I'm working. Such a great idea!

Daisy Day said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I have about 20 cans saved up myself...I couldn't get rid of them. These are darling!

Andy Porter said...

Nothing like starting the day off right with something from Fireflies and Jellybeans! Love the cans. That's such an interesting formula can from Korea. I have been looking for a home for my buttons. I am just out of the formula stage so I'll have to find something similar. Cute! Thanks so much for linking!

Anonymous said...

Every one of those is just darling!!

Congrats on your adoption! One of my good friends is waiting on paperwork so they can pick their baby up in Korea. I'll have to share this idea with her!

Unknown said...

What a great and pretty way to recycle those cans! I have lots of neices with babies, I will have to check to see if they have any cans left. Again, thanks for the inspiration. It is hard to pick a favourite, but I can definitely use a cute scrap can for my hobby room, either for the counter where I scrapbook, or for my sewing table for thread and fabric scraps.

Unknown said...

I love this post! I just had a friend give me a huge stash of formula cans and have been repurposing away (one became a trophy for a drink making competition we just threw- haha!).

Here's a list of other uses I found for formula cans from searching around:

Can't wait to try some of your ideas as well!

Leanne said...

They look great! Don't you just love scrapbook paper? I can't stop buying it. Every time I go to the craft store there's new colors and beautiful new patterns. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

Those are great ideas!

Christina said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

Jodi Nelson said...

Found you via Kimba's DIY. My favorite is the silverware holder! Awesome!

MaddyJsMomma said...

I have done this TOO!!! I painted mine... I have a couple in my daughters room right now to hold medicine and stuff like that. I made my boyfriend some for his office.. he has a million little computer parts laying around that I organized for him. And I have one on my dresser for all my makeup. I thought I was the first to come up with this.. guess not! lol Love your decorative ideas though I might have to try some out!


Sofia said...

very creative!!!

Chels said...

Those ideas for reusing are really great and creative! Thanks for sharing- will bookmark! I have some hot chocolate cans that are sitting in my 'reuse box' waiting for something. They might be smaller than formula cans but I'm sure they'll work!

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