Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to make fabric covered barrettes

Here is a great project for your fabric scraps. You can make custom barrettes! These cute barrettes make a great gift for little girls or fashionable ladies! It is a great beginning sewing project.

scrap paper (to make the pattern)
scrap fabric
barrettes ( I found mine at Micheal's)
Frey Check (optional)
needle and thread
Sewing machine

1.) trace your barrette on to a piece of scrap paper
2.)Now draw a seam allowance around your barrette. I try to do about 1/4 inch seam allowance.

3. Cut out your pattern and pin to TWO layers of fabric and cut out the fabric pieces. You need two layers because we are going to make a jacket for the barrette to fit into. I fold mine over with right sides together so that I am all set to sew.

4.) Sew around the barrette Jacket (right sides together) leaving the top part open (so that we can flip it right side out) using the seam allowance that you added to your pattern. You may want to trim some fabric off around the tip to make it easier to flip right side out.
Here are the three that I am making!

5.) Flip right sides out. This is a bit trick since they are so small. I use the barrette points to help me get the tips out.
6.) Put Frey check (or a similar product) on the ends of the fabric. This is optional, I have made these without it, but it does help the ends not to fray (which is the whole point of the product).

7.) On the back side make a small cut that goes about half way across. DO NOT cut it all the way off, you just need a slit to put the barrette into.

8.) Slide your barrette into the jacket and flip the flap over the backside of the barrette.

9.) Hand sew the slit closed and around the top of the barrette. It does not need to be anything too fancy since the button will be covering up most of it.

10. Sew your button on. I went through the hole in the top of the barrette. (I had to kind of fish around to find the hole through the fabric.)
Go ahead and make a bunch! They are so cute and chic!

I also made a felt barrette tutorial here

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Andy Porter said...

Very cool. I love things that you can make tons of because they don't cost lots of $$. Thanks for the link!!

Patsy said...

What a neat idea!! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've been looking for something to do with all those little scraps- this is perfect! Thanks!

Fawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm just plain Fawn...I was named after my grandmother, but she was Fawnita. I think I lucked out.

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I wish I had a little girl to make one for. These are just too cute!

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