Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to make a cute clutch purse

You just need 2 fat Quarters of fabric for this purse! It is simple and oh, so cute! It makes a great gift!

2 fat Quarters of fabric. (one for the outer fabric and one for the liner fabric)
Coordinating ribbon
coordinating thread
Sewing machine and other normal sewing tools such as: scissors, seam ripper, ruler etc...

**I use inches for all my measurements. I use 1/4 inch seams for all my seam allowances. I am going to call the outer fabric- Fabric A and the the liner fabric- Fabric B**

1.) From Fabric A cut out 3 rectangles: 16 X 12 and 5.5 X 11, and 2 X 12

From Fabric B- cut out 3 rectangles: 17 X 12 and 1.5 X 12 and 1.5 X 12 2.) to the end of the 16 X 12 "fabric A" rectangle sew the 1.5X 12 inch strips to each end, right sides together. Set aside. 3.) Fold the 2 X12 "fabric A" rectangle in half the long way, right sides together and sew to start to make the strap.

4.) Use a safty pin to help turn the strap right side out.

5.) Top sew on each side of the strap, trying to stay as close to the edge as possible. Set aside.

6.) Fold the 5 X 11 "fabric A" rectangle in half so that you have a 5 X 5.5 rectangle with right sides together, to start to make the pocket. Leave a 2 inch opening to flip right side out.

7.) Turn the pocket right side out and place on your 17 X 12 Fabric B rectangle 2 inches down from the 12 X side. you want the right sides facing out. Top stitch around closing the 2 inch opening on the pocket. (Don't do what I did and forget about the pocket until you are ready to sew the liner into the purse and have to go back and add it... much more difficult!)

8.) Fold your outer and liner rectangles in half right sides together. Cut a square out of each of the bottom corners. Mine are about 1 inch on each side.

9.) To the right side of the outer rectangle attach your strap to one side with a pin. You can choose where you want it to go... it should be a least 1/2 down from the top. Fold your fabric back over so that the strap is sandwiched between the two pieces.
10.) Sew the unfinished edges together on the outer and the liner. Do Not sew the square cut out yet!
11.) Now we are going to square off the bottom. Pull on the corners of the square to make a seam on the diagonal. Your seam that you just sewed should be aright in the middle.

12.) Sew the the corners on BOTH of the outer and ONLY ONE of the liner. (the other one stays unfinished for now)
13.) Place your liner into your outer fabric with right sides together, being careful to line up your seams.
14.) In the middle of the top edge Pin a piece of ribbon down in-between the 2 layers. The ribbon should be about 3-4 inches long. Repeat on the other side of the purse. This will be to tie the top of the purse together. (This part is optional... you could also use a metal clip or a button... whatever you are comfortable with)
15.) Sew around the top seam. Sew completely around (We left the corner open on the liner to flip right side out!)
16.) Turn right side out using the open corner In the liner. Fold the unfinished sides in and top sew the corner closed squaring it off like the other corners.

17.) Place the liner into the purse and top sew around the top edge of the purse to finish it off.

Oh, how cute! It is great as an on the go purse. It is also a great size to be able to stick into anther big bag such as a diaper bag so that you can find your personal things faster! It also fits a few diapers and a wipes container if you want to use it for that too!


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Unknown said...

adorable! i'm always looking for a small personal bag to keep inside the big "family bag" (that's what the diaper bag has become as the kids have gotten older).

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Oooo this is totally cute! Love it :).

Amie said...

I just finished one and I love it! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Unknown said...
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