Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time Saver Tip: How to Make REALLY FAST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Love homemade chocolate chip cookies? Don't have time? Me too.

You put 12 cookies on a sheet, bake for 7-10 minutes, take them out, let them cool, put another 12 in the oven... over and over again until the bowl is empty. And if you're house is anything like mine, those cookies disappear in less than a day, so I like to make a double batch. Which means I could be baking cookies for the better part of an afternoon. Which means the oven is on for hours, using precious energy, and heating up the house. Which is ok in the January, but not in July. And since they only bake for a few minutes, you really don't have time to get anything else done in the house between spooning the dough, putting them into and taking them out of the oven, letting them cool, taking them off the sheet and onto the cooling rack, and eventually into the container...

Well, I just don't have the time or energy for all that, so I've started making what I like to call Time Saver cookies. I used to call it lazy, but then I realized, it's not being lazy, it's being efficient! (I've also heard these called Blonde Brownies)

Here's what you do:

Use any cookie recipe. I like Betty Crocker's chocolate chip cookies best. And sometimes I add peanut butter chips to the chocolate chips... mmmm, heavenly goodness!

Follow the instructions until you get to the part about putting spoonfuls of dough onto a cookie sheet.

Instead, put the entire bowl of cookie dough into a rectangular baking pan, press evenly into pan.
For a single batch use a smaller pan (9x6 or 8x8); for a double, a bigger pan (9x13).

Bake about 25 minutes (time may vary based on your oven and the type of cookies you make. You may have to experiment a little bit).

Let cool for a while, then cut into squares.

That's it! It only takes about 10 minutes to mix all the ingredients together, and it is SO much less work than making individual cookies. And they taste JUST AS GOOD! And people think they're special because they're different from what they're used to.

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Anonymous said...

my mom ALWAYS made them like this and I never understood why until I started making cookies. So much easier and faster and taste just as good!

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