Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to make felt apple wedges

I took a couple of weeks off of theFruit Sorter Project. It is summer and I needed to play with my little boy! : ) But I am ready to work on it again! We have already made bananas, strawberries. and orange wedges. Now we are going to make apple wedges!

Red and white felt
Scraps of brown and green felt (optional)
white and black thread
Stuffing (Not pictured)
Sewing machine

I used the same pattern at I did for the Orange wedges.

1.) Pen your pattens to the felt. The circle goes on the white and the oval goes on the red.

Cut out your pieces.

2.) On the white circle zig-zag stitch 2 seeds (one on each side of the circle- right and left)

3.) Fold the circle in half so that a seed is on each side. Sew the folded edge.

4.) Pin the red oval to one side of the white circle.
Top stitch around the edge.

5.) Pin and top stitch the other side, leaving 1-2 inch hole to add the stuffing.
6.) Fill with stuffing.

Optional stem:
A.) Cut out a small rectangle out of the brown felt and a leaf shape out of the green felt.

B.) Sew the leaf to the stem

c.) Fold the stem in half and sew together.
7.) Attach the stem to the top of the apple (optional) and top sew the opening closed.

And now you have some cute apple wedges for you children to play with!

I am still trying to decide if I can make a pear or not... I have not found a good pattern yet. So, next week might be a pear or the baskets.


Unknown said...

cute. I bought some felt, so maybe one of these years i can get started on this fruit!

Amie Kirk said...

I need to get some felt! Not too much longer and my baby will love stuff like this to play with ;o)! Check out my new crafting blog at

Eva said...

This is super cute, I can't wait to try all these felt food patterns out!

Ps- I gave you an honest scrap award on my blog :)

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