Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Easy 4th of July Kids Craft: how to make an American Flag

Looking for a quick, last minute 4th of July craft to do with your kids?
Here's something I did with my 4-year-old the other day. It's easy, great for young children, uses very little materials, and creates very little mess.

1 each, red, blue, and white construction paper (I actually used computer paper for the white, to make it a truer white)
white crayon


1. Cut red paper into (approx.) 1/2" strips. I let my daughter do the cutting, so her stripes look really fabulous!

2. Cut a small square out of the blue paper

3. Glue red strips onto white paper, about 1/2" apart. If you're letting children do the gluing, it's a bit less messy to pour a bit of glue onto something disposable (I used an envelope out of the junk mail pile), and have them dip cotton swabs into the glue, and then wipe glue onto red strips.

4. Glue the blue square onto the upper left corner of the flag (duh, we pretty much all know what the American flag looks like, right?)

5. Draw stars onto the blue part using white crayon. My daughter doesn't really know how to draw stars yet. I helped her with the big one in the middle, then just let her scribble her own design.

And there you go! We hung ours on the door for all to see.

1 comment :

Stephanie said...

Oh, my boys would LOVE this project. We'll definitely be making flags this weekend to place in our windows.

Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog - lots of fun stuff.

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