Friday, July 3, 2009

Featured Friday- Smart Bottom Enterprises

Smart Bottom Enterprises is one of the cutest/silliest blogs I have read! Darcy makes me laugh in almost every post! She post lots of great crafts and tutorials along with her awesome perspective on life. She also sells AWESOME kids craft kits at her Etsy store And Then. They are truly AMAZING so go ahead and check them out!

Here are some of my favorite tutorials:
Garden Party Pater Lanterns
$13 Paper Wall

Here are some of my favorite kits you can buy:
Caterpillar Kit
Fish Aquarium Kit

These post made me Laugh out load!
Progression Of Joke Telling
Reading Bedtime Stories

So make sure that you head on over to Smart Bottom Enterprises and say "Hi!"

Darcy, be sure to take our Featured Button for your blog!

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Unknown said...

Hi Ladies!! Thanks for the award!! I am going to post it up this evening at some point. Still loving your blog!!

Homemaking Honeys (Alisha)xx

Darcy said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog! I am very honored!

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