Friday, May 29, 2009

Featured Friday! Creation Held Captive

Today I am featuring Creation Held Captive! It is Jeannine's photo/creative blog. Jeannine is a co-author here at Fireflies and Jellyebeans. She loves to take pictures and has recently starting to crochet! She doesn't know I am featuring it today so it will be my little surprise! : )

Here are some Awesome pictures of her flowers, just as they are starting to grow out of the ground! These are some of my favorites!
Here are some cute things that she made for me and my son!
Here are some more amazing pictures around her house and neighborhood!

You also can check out her Esty Shop JeannineBean

Be sure to check out Creation Held Captive! and show her some blog love by leaving a comment or two!

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1 comment :

Unknown said...

aw, wow! that WAS a surprise! thanks, that was sweet! :)

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