Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Make a Picture Card in Can- perfect for mother's day!


This Card in Can is on of my MOST popular tutorials of 2009! 

This was a fun project to make! It is going to be my mother's day cards for my mom and my MIL. I am pretty sure that they are going to like it since it has pictures of their grandchild in it! It also reuses a "can" that I would have otherwise thrown away so it is also green!

a tin can (Peanut can would work, I used a Gerber lil' crunches can since my son LOVES to eat them!)
decorative paper
Scissors and slider cutter
Hole punch
X-acto knife
adhesive (I used double stick tape and Hot Glue)
Paper clip

1. Clean out your can.

2. Cut out squares to fit into your can. I cut two sizes. 3' squares and 2 1/2' squares to make the framed edge. It will depend on your can how big your squares can be. suggest trying a size on the bigger side and than you can trim off if you have to. It is easy to cut off than it is to add more on. I also though circles would be cute but I don't have a circle cutter. I make sets of squares. You can make as many or few as you have pictures for. 8 fits into my can nicely and doesn't make too long of a string to pull out.

3. Attach your smaller square onto your bigger square.

4. Punch a hole on the top and the bottom of your squares:

5. tread the ribbon through your squares.

6. At the bottom attach the ribbon to the back to "tie off" the end. Set your square garland to the side for a bit.
7. Now we are going to cover the can. Mark on your paper how tall your can is and cut a strip that is that height.
8. Attach your paper strip to your can. (I used hot glue for this) My strip does not reach all the way around so I need to add another little strip to cover the rest up.

I choose to use the coordinating paper to make the extra strip and I think I am going write "Grandma" on the side.

9. Now the cover: Trace around your cover and cut out the circle.
10. Using hot glue attach your paper circle to the lid.
11. Also using hot glue attach the ribbon around the edge to the lid.

I added a rectangle on the top of my lid. You don't have to.

12. Using an X-acto Knife cut a slit into your lid big enough to slide your ribbon through. Be sure to cut on a safe place and to go through all the paper layers.
13. Before you thread you ribbon from your square garland through your slit you will want to tie a paper clip on to act as a stopper.

14. thread your ribbon through the slit.

15. Make a loop and tie a knot.
16. Add your photos to your square garland. I printed my as wallets (also had to crop some off to make it fit on my squares). I printed 6 pictures and on the top square ( the first one you will see) I wrote "Happy Mothers Day!" and on the bottom one I signed "From our Family." Zig-zag your garland so that it will pull out of the can nicely and put on the lid.
How cute is that???

I also made one for my BIL birthday. He loves to fish so I cut out fish shapes and made a Stinger of fish come out. I made the can look like a net. At the bottom of the stinger I tied on a gift card to one of his favorite sporting good stores! Here is a pic of that:


Unknown said...

that's cute!

Auntie Bee said...

love it! grandmas love to get pictures and this will be so cute on Nana's desk at school!!!

Mission Valley Nana said...

This is a really cute idea. I will have to try it out. thanks for the great ideas. You have a great blog. Thanks

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Thanks Bee- I hope that Nana will love it! I am sure she would love to show off her adorable grandchildern!

Thanks Misson Valley Nana! Your blog is cute too! I might have to try that sunshine lemon cake! It looks yummy!


Kathryn said...

Very clever!

Stacie said...

Fawnda...this is Awesome!! LoVe your Chalkboard Mugs & Photo plate also!! For some reason...I have been so into doing crafts with photography...and these are perfect! Thanks so much for sharing...and linking to my I {heart} mom link!! :)

Emily@JanDee Crafts said...

I love this idea! SO cute! I linked back to you on my blog. jandeecrafts.blogspot.com

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