Monday, March 30, 2009

Advertising on Fireflies and Jellybeans!

We are excited to offer advertising on Fireflies and Jellybeans!
**To ensure that our readers are getting the best experience possible Fireflies and Jellybeans is looking for FAMILY FRIENDLY sites and shops.**

Why should you advertise on Fireflies and Jellybeans?
* We have over 2600 followers, over 3400 Google readers, over 1100 Facebook Likes  and over 4000 RSS  subscribers that check out our blog regularly!
* Here are our monthly states: 102,630 page views, 51,119 Absolute Unique Visitors, 66,723 Visits {2152 daily visits}  (All stats are from Google Analytics as of Nov. 2011) 
* We post at least 4 times a week - meaning that people will be coming back regularly to see what's new!
* Fireflies and Jellybeans is featured on many of the big creative blogs. This means that the more exposure we get, the more exposure you get!
* We work really hard to promote our blog. We are always trying to find new ways to bring visitors to our site.

Here are our current options for advertising:

Your link and button will appear at the bottom of each post saying "sponsored by:" This is a great option to advertise to those who read Fireflies and Jellybeans in a "reader" or thorough e-mail {I currently have over 4000 subscribers}!

Sponsor a weeks worth of posts for:
1 week: $25

125X125 button link or Text link on my sidebar: 
$20 per month

A Sponsor spotlight post: I will write a post spotlighting your shop or site. I will include pictures and product information as well as lots of links to your shop or site!  Cost is $50.

Giveaways are going to be very limited:  For whatever reason, my readers are not big into giveaways... they respond better to a Sponsor Highlight post (see above).  So, for now, I am reserving the right to limit giveaway to only REALLY BIG giveaways.  The item that is being given away must be valued at over $100.  Cost is $50.

We also love to write reviews for products and websites! Our opinion will always be honest! Cost is $50 for my time.

Please E-mail us at to get more details on this great opportunity!

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