Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minne-SNOW-ta and Sunday Spotlight!

Yesterday we got 20 inches of snow! It was the perfect scene for the song "Let it snow!" Being that we live in Minnesota 20 inches of snow only slows us down a little... I got in the Jeep (the best vehicle for snow besides a plow) and went grocery shopping (yes- all the stores were still open!) and it was busy... I was not the only crazy one out there! :)

Here are some pictures:
This is during the blizzard.
 Hubby is blowing out the driveway for the 1st time (he ended up doing it 3 times)

Here is our house the day after! 
That snow drift in front of the porch is about 5 feet tall! 
And now on to the favorites from the Show Off Your Stuff Party!  Good thing I had all the great projects linked up while I was "snowed in!"
SOYS #55 Favorites

Feel free to take our "FEATURED" button if you were featured today!


Mare said...

I wish we would get snow in SW MT. It's even melting off the mountains..crazy.

Anonymous said...

Nice snow....but I really wouldn't want that much I love warmth ;-)

Amanda said...

I saw the collapse of the stadium roof on TV today, egads! We have about 6 inches, but nothing like you have! Thanks so much for featuring my coffee filter Christmas tree!

Valerie Earnest said...

Thanks for showcasing my ribbon shirt!
I've got to say it's times like these I am really glad I live in Arizona!

Amanda said...

Oh wow! Check out that snow -- I live in Indiana and it snows -- not that much but it does - and people freak out!!! It barely snows and the grocery store runs out of bread, milk, bottled water. Laughable really. Well, annoying more like it! :) Make smores in the fireplace, hot chocolate and cuddle up!!


Unknown said...

Wow! To a Texan that looks like tons of FUN! So jealous of your white Christmas! Great party this week! Thanks for hosting!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

The snow is CRAAAAZY!!!! We enjoyed the first day snowed inside, but the second day was a bit much. We went out tonight and it was WONDERFUL! ;)

Thanks so much for the shout out!!!

Unknown said...

All of that snow is absolutely incredible! I think I would really enjoy it if somehow I could have it without the cold lol Until that gets figured out I will just enjoy looking at all of the pictures. Stay warm!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the feature!

Melissa said...

I'm not sure I knew that you lived in the Twin Cities. We live in Andover and I drove from Andover down to Fort Snelling to photograph a wedding on Saturday.

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